“The LTE time division duplex (LTE-TDD) and LTE frequency division duplex (LTE-FDD) are the most practical evolution paths towards 4G technology. He expects WiMAX operators to adopt LTE-TDD going forward as it offers better system upgrading (the technology provides higher data rates, larger capacity and is also able to decrease service delay).”

“ZTE Corp TDD marketing director Dr Han Gang pointed out that 156 operators in 64 countries would deploy LTE technolgy and at least 55 LTE networks would be commercially launched by end-2012.”

“According Analysys Mason’s estimation, the market size for mobile broadband (dongle) had increased from RM700mil in 2009 to RM1.4bil in 2010, which represented an increase of 99%. The market size for mobile Internet rose 24% to RM1.8bil in 2010, from RM1.5bil in 2009.”

“CEO Michael Lai said there were 17.25 million WiMAX subscribers and over 582 WiMAX operators worldwide. As for LTE there were only 320,000 subscribers and 17 operators globally, he said.”

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