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[Comment] YES!- It is expensive

Thinking that he had a good deal by signing up for YES 4G broadband, LIM HONG CHONG from Kuala Lumpur got a shock instead when he received a sky-high first bill.

“I signed up for the broadband last December after learning of its supposed affordability and stable connection from their promotion.

“In fact, I recalled telling my wife finally there is a company in Malaysia that offers good broadband connection with fair charges. Boy, how wrong was I!”

LIM says he has been ‘slapped’ with a RM616.63 first bill which came last month.

“I am paying this amount for only one month of usage. I know people who pay this amount for a whole year’s worth of broadband!”

However, LIM admits he is a heavy Internet user.

“Even so, this amount is totally unacceptable. Compared with other service providers that charge a fixed monthly rate, this is way too much! I’ve learned my lesson now.

“I just hope other heavy Internet users think twice before subscribing to this broadband.”

[Source]- Malay Mail

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