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Blackberry: Bing to replace Google as default search

Microsoft’s Bing will replace Google as the default search engine on Research In Motion (RIM)’s BlackBerry smartphones.

Bing will be “deeply integrated” into the devices, creating “unique experiences for millions of BlackBerry customers,” Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said today in an unbilled appearance at the annual BlackBerry World trade show in Orlando, Florida. As part of the deal, the default map application will also be powered by Bing.

Currently Bing is available on most mobile platform. There is a Bing app for Android, and a Bing app for the iPhone. Microsoft recently even introduced a Bing app designed specifically for the iPad.

In the US, Microsoft alone has less than 10 percent of the smartphone market. Windows Phone 7 smartphones already uses Bing as the default search and with the new announcement, Microsoft stand a chance to grab a bigger market share of the mobile search pie.

[Source]- Bloomberg

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