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Are you ready for Imaginary Phone?

Now some us use a touchscreen phone and most of us seen it, but what about using your palm as an imaginary phone?


No, not according to Hasso Plattner Institute and they’re not joking.  Tracked by a wearable depth camera, you could interact with your palm the way you would use a touchscreen, which all the touch inputs would be sent to the phone via Wi-Fi.

Imaginary Phone allows users to control their mobile devices without taking it out of their pocket. Instead, users mimic the interaction on the palm of their hand. The interaction is tracked by a wearable depth camera which sends input events to the actual physical device. By mimicking the layout of the physical device, here an iPhone, users can operate the device based on spatial memory built up while using the physical device.

[Source]- Hasso Plattner Institute

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