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Maxis Secure Services

Maxis has introduced a range of secure services that enables customers to protect their data and devices.

No. Maxis Secure Service Price per month (RM)
1. Anti-Theft 3
2. Complete Phone Back Up 2
3. Anti-Virus 3
4. Internet Security (protection for up to three personal computers in the household) 8
5. Remote Surveillance 20
(L to R) Jean-Pascal van Overbeke & T.Kugan

To subscribe, dial *100# and follow the instructions.

Press Release below.

Maxis Berhad (“Maxis”), Malaysia’s leading integrated communications provider today launched its Maxis Secure Campaign which offers a suite of services that enables customers to protect their data and devices. Maxis Anti-Theft, a part of the campaign, is the first ever security service in the Malaysian market that protects subscribers’ personal data in lost or stolen devices. By offering its valued customers such services, Maxis enables them to enjoy their smart devices while having peace of mind; knowing that Maxis is protecting and safeguarding their private information in the most secure way.

Maxis is the first communications provider in Malaysia to offer its customers protection against key security threats which can potentially affect them such as the loss or theft of their devices and the loss of personal data and threats from malicious software (Malware) and Trojans (destructive programmes that masquerade as benign applications). Apart from Anti-Theft, the other services offered under the umbrella of the Maxis Secure Campaign are the Complete Phone Back Up, Anti-Virus, Internet Security and Remote Surveillance services.

Maxis’ Chief Operating Officer, Jean-Pascal van Overbeke said during the launch of the Maxis Secure Campaign, “Today we see the rise of a multitude of different channels in the digital frontier as technology moves at rapid speeds. Citizens are now shifting more of their analogue lives to their mobile phones and personal computers. As smartphones become more powerful and ubiquitous, cyber criminals are increasingly focusing on the mobile space, creating viruses for criminal or malicious intent. With the Maxis Secure suite of services, we are providing our customers with the tools to combat threats in the mobile and internet space. As Malaysia’s leading integrated communications provider, Maxis is committed to offering our customers peace of mind and protection with easy, reliable and affordable security solutions.

“The Maxis Secure Campaign is an important step in the broader picture of our unfolding Life Services landscape. Our industry is becoming less about voice and more about integrated play for voice, video and data. We no longer operate in a single environment that emphasises voice primacy and thus, it is more important than ever today to create a new suite of services – using the latest technologies, capabilities and skills – that will ensure we deliver on the promise made to the increasingly sophisticated Maxis customer. We are pleased to add that Remote Surveillance services will be integrated into the customer proposition as Maxis moves into offering complete Home services to our customers. We endeavour to enrich every aspect of our customers’ lives, whether in the personal, home or business sphere.”

The Maxis Anti-Theft service is the latest innovation anchoring the Maxis Secure Campaign. Mobile security is a growing concern as smartphones have become more prevalent and ubiquitous, and are no longer limited to just being tools for voice calls. The service aims to guard potentially sensitive data in mobile devices from falling into the wrong hands by allowing customers to remotely lock, wipe (that is, to delete sensitive information from the mobile device) and track their mobile device over the internet or via SMS in case of loss or theft of their devices.

Maxis’ Complete Phone Back Up services provide an insurance against the loss of important data whether through human error, technological malfunction or loss of device. It allows customers to back up data such as SMSes, contacts, pictures, videos and calendars and retrieve them when needed. The backed up data can then be viewed and managed on the web.

To protect customers from Malware or Trojan threats, Maxis offers the Maxis Anti-Virus for both devices and Personal Computers (“PCs”). For mobile devices, the Anti-Virus is an application that protects mobile phones from malicious viruses, worms and Trojans.

PC users can utilise the Maxis Internet Security application which protects customers’ PCs from virus attacks and provides browsing protection so that users are warned before they visit a compromised website.

Maxis’ Remote Surveillance also gives added assurance to customers and acts as a safety precaution where crime rate is a concern. The latest in mobile security, it offers the freedom to view ‘LIVE’ video images captured from installed cameras or closed circuit television (CCTV) systems.

All the above services are available on 3G and GPRS mobile devices, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Windows Mobile devices anytime, anywhere. The services are compatible with Symbian and Windows Mobile Operating Systems platforms. Maxis has made it simple for customers to sign up for Maxis Secure services. For Anti-Theft, Complete Phone Backup and Anti-Virus services, customers just have to dial *100# to subscribe. For Remote Surveillance and Internet Security services, customers may visit our website at www.maxis.com.my to sign up, although information on this is available via *100#.  The services are affordable with prices starting from RM2 onwards. As an added reward, all Maxis customers will enjoy a free 1-month subscription to Anti-Theft and Complete Phone Back Up services from today onwards.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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