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[Apps] Astro B.yond TV Guide iOS App

The Astro B.yond TV Guide is an iOS application from Astro. This TV guide app allows B.Yond customers to record TV programmes on their PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and check programme listing on the iPad, iPhone and the iTouch.

Description of the Astro B.yond TV Guide app below.

The Astro B.yond TV Guide is an app that allows you to check the latest Astro TV schedule and use your PVR to record your favourite programmes straight from your mobile.

To make a PVR recording, register at www.astro.com.my and follow the simple on screen instructions to link your website and Astro account together. Login to the app using that account then select a channel by browsing the different categories or by using the search function. Once a channel is selected, a new menu will appear showing you the programmes you can record. You can also jump to the programme listings of different days using the tabs above the screen.

It’s the convenience of recording what you want, when you want, on the go.

The app was released on Jun 26, 2011 and it is currently in version: The installer is less than 1MB requires iOS 3.0 or later to work. It can be downloaded from iTunes.

There’s no official announcement from Astro yet.

[Source]- Via @mrkenhong

P.s: We are not sure if the apps works with all mobile operator, do test it out and let me know in comments! Woun

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