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Instanet Prepaid Broadband from Celcom

Celcom Axiata today re-branded their prepaid broadband service as Instanet.

(Dato’ Sri Shazalli Ramly, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad (second from right), Afizulazha Abdullah, Celcom’s Chief Operations, Advanced Data(right) and Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Celcom’s Chief Marketing Office)

3 new prepaid broadband plans are available under Instanet:

  • Instanet Monthly: RM50/month(1st time subscription @RM30), 1.5GB  data allowance, speed up to 512Kbps
  • Instanet Weekly: RM18/week, 1GB data allowance, speed up to 512Kbps
  • Instanet Daily: RM5/day, 500MB data allowance, speed up to 512Kbps

Celcom also introduced the Instanet Prepaid Pack (RM12.50) and the Instanet Prepaid Pack with Modem(RM108).

As of 1st quarter this year, Celcom leads the broadband market with a 51% market share and over 860,000 broadband subscribers to date according to its CMO, Zalman Aefendy.

Details at http://www.instanet.com.my/plans.php

Press Release from Celcom Axiata below:

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 JUNE 2011 – Celcom Axiata Berhad, the first and foremost mobile telecommunications provider in the country, is proud to introduce Instanet, the brand new affordable yet flexible, no frills prepaid broadband service. Instanet now offers an additional plan, the Monthly prepaid broadband service, on top of its existing Daily and Weekly prepaid broadband services. The Instanet launch is witnessed by Dato’ Sri Shazalli Ramly, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad and Afizulazha Abdullah, Chief Operations, Advanced Data of Celcom Axiata Berhad.

“Instanet is introduced with our customers’ myriad usage behaviour and lifestyle in mind. With Instanet, we are now able to offer them cheap, instantaneous connectivity to Internet anytime, anywhere! The target segment for Instanet is customers who have periodic demand for Internet access such as youths, tourists, housewives etc. Instanet is obviously the perfect choice for those who want immediate access anytime, anywhere without the burden of commitment,” said Dato’ Sri Shazalli, adding that the packages offered under Instanet are very affordable especially the Instanet Prepaid Bundle that offers a superior USB modem which allows customers to upgrade their plans anytime.

To celebrate the introduction of the new Instanet Monthly plan, the first subscription of this plan is only at RM30, instead of its normal price of RM50, for 30 days of continuous Internet access. Meanwhile, Instanet Daily (24 hours continuous Internet Access)and Instanet Weekly (seven days continuous Internet Access) are available for subscription at RM5 and RM18 respectively.

For customers that do not have a USB modem, go for the Instanet Prepaid Bundle Package that comes with one unit of high spec USB model (7.2 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps Upload) plus one unit of SIM card with preloaded credit value of RM10. All these are available at only RM108! Those that have existing modem and simply wanted immediate Internet access, get your hands on the Instanet Prepaid Pack that comes with one unit of SIM card with preloaded credit value of RM10 at only RM12.50!

“Instanet is completely hassle-free as customers simply need to pick up the Instanet Prepaid Bundle package that comes with a high quality, high spec modem and a SIM card off the shelves and go through a simple prepaid registration process and voila, they have instant Internet connectivity. There is no need to worry about bills and customers are able to choose from three plans – Daily, Weekly and Monthly – pending on their usage pattern. To afford customers with greater flexibility, Celcom is working towards an online registration channel, allowing customers the freedom to activate their service anywhere, anytime they want. This facility should be ready by end of the year,” commented Dato’ Sri Shazalli.

“To ensure that customers have absolute peace of mind when in Celcom Territory, their broadband services are backed by the most stable and widest superior network coverage in the country paired with excellent customer service whenever they have any queries with regards to our products and services,” he further added.

The Instanet broadband packages are now available at all Celcom Blue Cube, Celcom branches and authorised dealers in Central, Southern and Northern regions of Peninsular Malaysia. These packages will be available in Eastern region of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak a week later. . For more information on Instanet, please log onto www.instanet.com.my.

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  • Celcom prepaid broadband package still not attractive at all, 512kbps -.- . better use umobile.

  • johnny1010

    wouldn’t it be better if a broadband company actually came up with one package for home use and on-the-go use? but all in one package….pay for one price for both devices. It’d be so convenient…e.g. a home modem for the house and a dongle for out-of-the-house usage?

    • Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd

      havent u heard of p1? they have add on wiggy for home modem plans. shared quota tho. but its worth it.

  • i keep wondering what’s the differences between instanet celcom n usual celcom brdband. sounds more like the same old celcom brdband though. err.. 

    • Audi Faliq Ibrahim

      It is actually a ‘rebranded’ Celcom Broadband Prepaid, and technically, it is fairly similar with Celcom Broadband in terms of plans and pricing.

  • This is not much different and almost no better than their previous mobile internet offering. In other words, they just rebadge it to make it sounds new. At least the “Telco D” only throttles down to 128kbps, which is still faster than the 64kbps offered here (not sure if “Telco D” is still doing that but that’s how it was the last time I use it. Too bad the coverage is still low). At 64kbps believe me even browsing email is almost impossible, especially with most webmail interface today implements heavy usage of AJAX elements. 128kbps would still make it “browseable”, well still slow but still faster than dial-up. And why the 1.5GB data cap? That’s ridiculous, considering that the additional 5GB can only be purchased instead of offering it by default in the Monthly package. “Broadband” is meant for heavy usage. Believe me a daily 1/2 hour youtube session will get that exhausted in no time. I see it’s pointless to rename what they’ve been offering before if it still does not comply to the net neutrality.

    • Audi Faliq Ibrahim

      For phones, 128kbps or 64kbps are fairly acceptable speed although it is still very slow in terms of today’s standard. I think the throttle concept is the telco denied access to UMTS network when you reach the quota and you are left with EDGE/GPRS on GSM network.

      But I agree with you, for surfing on big screen like PC, 64 and 128 kbps is nonsense. Maybe what you can do is when you reach you quota and being throttled, just transfer the data SIM into a phone and use it.

  • sy suka mnggunakan instanet, tetapi harga untk sebulan ialah 50 ringgit.. ianya amat mahal.. jika boleh sy nk harga untk sebulan ialah 30ringgit shja.. sesiapa yg suka akan apa yg sy bicarakan tolong reply..

    • Azura Awang

      instanet modem sekejap2 tak detect sim card.. dah tukar 2 kali masalah keep on happening.. harga murah kualiti pun jatuh .. so frustrated

  • ANDY


  • mcm sial line ko broadband kpale bapak ko

  • Aris bin Zainuddin

    Celcom is the day time robbers. I just bought instanet at seremban RNR (forward to south) RM12.50 and celcom top up RM30. I have been told by the a girl who act as a sales person at that particular booth that i can use it after 1 hour of registration. Because i am on my way to melaka i could not wait for that longer. After several hours i intend to top up my prepaid sim card but i could not. My question is, who going to returning back my RM42.50?