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Exclusive Maxis Blackberry PlayBook

Maxis is set to launch the Blackberry PlayBook this Friday(15 July) where the tablet will be available to consumers the following day.

The retail price of the Blackberry Playbook are as below:

  • Blackberry PlayBook 16GB- RM1599
  • Blackberry PlayBook 32GB- RM1899
  • Blackberry PlayBook 64GB- RM2199

Details of the Maxis Blackberry PlayBook plans below:

Sources close to Malaysian Wireless said that the Blackberry PlayBook will be exclusive to Maxis for the next few months, probably up till September 2011. One source said that Maxis has committed some 10,000 units of the  Blackberry Playbook as part of the deal with Research in Motion (RIM).

As for the other operators like DiGi, Celcom & U Mobile, there have been internal discussion whether to offer the Blackberry PlayBook in the market. Certain mobile operator appears not confident with PlayBook as they believe that RIM has a lot more to improve before launching the device. As Maxis will be launching the device first, they prefer to adopt a “wait & see” approach.

Maxis has booked Hall 4 at KLCC this Saturday for those who have reserved the Blackberry PlayBook earlier.

In the mean time, check out the Blacberry PlayBook review below:

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