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P1 4G ONE Plan offers Broadband for Home & On the Go

P1 today launched ONE Plan, a 2 in 1 broadband package that is targeted to home and on the go users.

Three packages are offered under ONE Plan, they are- ONE 89, ONE 129 & ONE 169.

The ONE 89 has a monthly fee of RM89 comes with the DV230 desktop modem with WiFi and the WiMAX USB Dongle(WiGGY). The desktop modem offers speed up to 600Kbps while the WiGGY allow speeds up to 1Mbps.

The ONE 129 cost RM129 a month(RM109 promo 1st 3-months) and the ONE 169 cost RM169 a month(RM139 promo 1st 3-months). Both plans comes with the new DX230 desktop modem with WiFi and the latest UH235 USB dongle WiMAX modem.

For ONE 129, the desktop modem allow speeds up to 2Mbps while the USB dongle offer speeds up to 5Mbps. The ONE 169 offers the home and USB dongle user with speeds up to 5Mbps.

Usage quota for ONE 89 is 5GB, ONE 129 is 15 GB and ONE 169 is 30GB.

Press release from P1 below.

Petaling Jaya, 7 July 2011 – Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (“P1”), Malaysia’s first and leading 4G wireless broadband service provider launched a new broadband bundle plan called the One Plan today that offers an all-round improved broadband experience to its users.

The One Plan is a 2-in-1 broadband bundle that comes with a powerful P1 4G modem with WiFi and a nifty P1 4G on-the-go modem with shared quota at the most attractive price point in the market. The One Plan is also designed to offer an amazingly convenient 4G broadband service because consumers only have one broadband provider and one monthly bill only.

“The P1 4G One Plan primarily aims to provide our users with great indoor and on-the-go 4G broadband experience with the appropriate devices. It also offers one of the highest usage quotas in the market today with up to 30GB per month. Best of all, P1 One Plan is the most affordably priced package that fulfills every lifestyle need,” said Michael Lai, CEO of P1.

The One Plan came about from P1’s findings in a consumer study conducted by Frost & Sullivan on Malaysian broadband behavior. The study indicated that only 7 percent of on-the-go modem users correctly utilize the device for on-the-go broadband while as many as 45 percent of subscribers use their on-the-go modems exclusively at home. The remaining 48 percent is split using their modems for both home and on-the-go.

According to Lai, most people are not aware that an on-the-go modem is not optimized for indoor usage. Being a much smaller hence more convenient device to carry around, an on-the-go modem is best suited for outdoors. As wireless broadband signal travels through air, it inherently becomes weaker as it penetrates walls and may not be optimally received by the smaller antenna of a pocket-sized modem. He said, “By using the devices according to their functions, consumers will have better 4G broadband experience.

Wireless broadband demand has been growing stronger over the past three years. However, P1’s consumer study shows that growth in this segment is not just influenced by the influx of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but consumers’ preference for the on-the-go modem because it offers the flexibility of being ‘portable.’

“Our customer needs is our number one priority and we will continue to engage with them to learn, understand and serve those needs faster and to our best ability,” Lai concluded.


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