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TM Customer Support now via Twitter- @TMConnects

Telekom Malaysia now offers customer support via Twitter. Customers can reach them at @TMConnects.

However there appear to be some sort of a “rules of engagement” as per below:

@TMConnects will endeavour to:

  • Respond to your customer service-related tweets by acknowledging your tweet in the public timeline as soon as we can.
  • In appropriate cases we will ask for your personal information & account details via DM.
  • The follow up communications will be done offline by our customer service team.

@TMConnects will not:

  • Issue / close a trouble ticket via Twitter itself. We will escalate to the relevant customer service team for further action.
  • Respond to or acknowledge abusive or rude mentions on the Twitter public timeline.

TMConnects operates from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm, Mondays to Friday.

[Source]- Telekom Malaysia


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