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[Tips] Advice on How to Protect your Smartphone

Lots of people out there store important information related to personal and work their smartphone. In the same time, there are many people who easily lose their phone, either it get stolen or they mistakenly drop it somewhere.

Smartphone users can take some common sense precautions to protect their personal data from being stolen- Loredana Botezatu of BitDefender, a cybersecurity company recommends the following tips:

  • Never lose sight of your smartphone in public.
  • Keep a close eye on what a person is doing with your phone if you lend it to someone.
  • Install mobile anti-malware software on your phone.
  • Don’t store job-related information on your phone unless it’s encrypted.

The advice comes as a “gray hat app developer” has released into the wild five tools purportedly for “study purposes” that can clean out all the data on an Android smartphone in less than a minute.

Here’s how the tools work:

When any of the apps is installed on a victim’s phone, they can be activated remotely by a cyber thief. Once activated, it sends a five digit pass code to the phone’s intruder(thief) and secretly uploads the device’s contacts, messages, recent calls, browser history and almost everyhting into the developer’s storage in the Android Cloud. After copying the data from the phone, the apps uninstall themselves so the victim won’t know they were even on their mobile.

To obtain the data stolen from a phone, a cyber thief need only enter the five-digit code generated by their copy of the app and for $5 they can download all the stolen data.

The developer(thief) will post a notice on their site informing users that if they don’t pay for the data they’ve stolen within 24 hours of the theft, all the information will be erased from the site.

MalaysianWireless recommends that Smartphone users(iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian) only instal apps that are trusted. Google for the apps online(for comments/feedback) if you are not sure. Not to forget, always lock your smartphone by enabling the phone lock code and install a data wipe program usually available in the anti-malware softwares such as from Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab.

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