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[Apps] BlackBerry Applications From Celcom

Below are some of the free and paid Blackberry applications available from Celcom Axiata for its customers.

1. My Golf

  • Allows golfers to key-in their score and keep track of their score in a “greener” way with the elimination of paper scoring system; it also provides a very user-friendly way to refer back to their history and/or analyse their game as and when they wish

Download- SMS “On GOLF 1″ and send to 22008 /”On GOLF 2” and send to 22008

Cost: RM5/week subscription, RM10/month subscription

2. Help Me

  • Emergency alert system which sends out a SMS & Email alert to pre-configured contacts, without alerting the onlooker or the attacker
  • Automatically send message to someone that you in danger
  • Allow the other party to listen into the situation by making the user’s phone dial out with just a SMS

Download- On Helpme and send to 22008

Cost- RM1.00/week
SMS alert : normal peer to peer charges
MMS alert : RM1.00/alert
Email : BB Data Package
Airtime call : current package

3. Love Chat

  • SMS conversation is uploaded to the server for analysis. Once it has reach 140 characters, the server component analyse the pattern and linguistic element of the SMS message and categorise the message into categories such as Positive, Negative, Neutral, Happy, Sad, Fear, Disgust, Anger or Surprise

Download- On love and send to 22008

Cost- RM1.00/week
FOC Report Analysis
FOC Data
MMS Analysis : RM2.00 /MMS

4. Phone SOS Apps

  • Application enables users to „secure? a lost or stolen phone by making the data inaccessible and hence ensuring the privacy of all sensitive data
  • PHONE SOS! checks on any SIM card that is inserted into the stolen phone and if the insertion is found to be unauthorised, it would send an SMS text alert that carries information such as the location of the stolen phone to a designated recipient
  • User can then have the options to either wipe out all the data in the phone or lock the phone to render the phone useless by simply sending certain simple commands via the SMS to the phone

Download- Dial *888# and select Apps Cube Or send sms ON PSOS and send to 22988

Cost- RM1.00/week

5. Islamic Apps

  • Food for Soul – a variety of Islamic Apps that ranges from Solat, Kiblat, Doa, Hadis, About Ramadan, Islamic Story Apps etc

Download- Dial *888# and select Apps Cube

Cost- RM1.50/week. Type ON NUR and send to 23999 (1 free apps/week)
Ala carte download RM1.00 – RM3.00/apps

6. Plus Map Apps- Full Details

  • An application which helps users in viewing the maps from North to South Highways. Also allows users to view other services or facilities along the expressway such as Toll Plaza, Rest Service Area (RSA), Lay by, Auto Teller Machine (ATM) and Petrol Station.
  • Boasts many features which include a full scrollable map of the PLUS Highway, a handy PLUS toll calculator, map from South to North, map from North to South and PLUS traffic update via twitter.

Download- Dial *888# and select Apps Cube

Cost- Free Of Charge (FOC)

7. Stock Manager

  • Stock Manager is a mobile stock monitoring and trading application (which allows omni-trading).

Download- Dial *888# and select Apps Cube Or Send SMS Type On Stock Manager and send to 28282

Cost- RM12/month – Stock Monitor – (for viewing stock prices and info only)
RM20/month – Stock Trader – (for trading & viewing stock prices and info) – FOC for 1st month
Note: No data charges for usage (free data charges)

8. Celcom Help Desk Speed Dialer

  • Provides an interface for BlackBerry users to dial a pre-set Celcom Customer Service number by simply selecting an icon
  • A speed dialler will provide user the convenience of being able to make a call without the need to memorise the number

Download- Via BB Apps World & Dial *888# and select Apps Cube

Cost- FOC

9. Celcom Roam Saver

  • RoamSaver provides an interface for Celcom BlackBerry users to call back to Malaysia and other countries while overseas. It allows for quick access to RoamSaver *120*, a call back service, where it automatically dials the prefix whenever an outgoing call is made while roaming. Enjoy greater savings compared to the normal roaming rates.

Download-Via BB Apps World & Dial *888# and select Apps Cube

Cost- FOC

10. Celcom Mobile Bill

  • Celcom Mobile Bill is a mobile application providing real-time direct billing information upon your request anytime, anywhere. This application is convenient, simple-to-use, and manages user?s mobile phone bills effectively.

Download- Via BB Apps World & Dial *888# and select Apps Cube

Cost- RM2/month subscription

11. Secure SMS

  • Secure text messaging solution for enterprises, governments and consumers. This apps protects sensitive information by using patented technology to encrypt the content of text messages for storage on mobile devices and while the messages traverse the wireless infrastructure.

Download- Type ON SSMS and send to 20006

Cost- RM5/month

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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