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New Green Packet WiMAX indoor modems- DV235 & DV360

Green Packet has introduced two new WiMAX modem in the DV series- DV235 & DV360. The DVs are made for indoors and is perfect for Home Wireless Networking.

The DVs offer improved download speeds, extended coverage range and delivers an overall max EIRP of 32dBm, one of the highest in its class, giving boost to uplink signal performance, improving coverage up to almost 30%.

Malaysian Wireless has yet to receive confirmation that Packet One would offer these new indoor modems. Official press release below.

Kuala Lumpur, 15 September 2011 – Greenpacket, a leading developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions, unveiled its exciting new range of WiMAX compliant indoor modems, the DV235 and DV360, latest addition to its well established WiMAX indoor modem family. Created for the value segment category, the DV is perfect for Home Wireless Networking, allowing everyone at home to surf, stream and share multiple contents while making a crisp voice call all through a single device.

Greenpacket is establishing a need for more affordable modem solutions for customers worldwide. By offering a new and diverse indoor modem, it allows operators to bring broadband connectivity to the masses who are similarly looking to have more variations of feature full and cost effective CPEs that will not break the bank.

“WiMAX technology has reached a market maturity where it is no longer centered at premium or top-tier users but has now mainly moved to mass-market subscribers in the mid-tier to lower-tier markets, this shift is evident in most markets globally where we are seeing an increasing demand for mid and lower tier service subscription across WiMAX operator’s network especially in the APAC, MENA & CALA region with the switch of demand observed in the later half of 2011.” said Kelvin Lee, Senior General Manager of Greenpacket

Combined with the way WiMAX is mainly utilized, where 80% of the usage is in an indoor environment, entry level or value segment devices will allow operators to grow their subscriber without disrupting Capex or lowering current subscriber acquisition cost.

Adding, “We will continue to innovate in areas that matters to our customers. With the DV, we have enhanced and produced an economical solution by combining two frequencies in each product. This little change makes a huge different to cost as inventory cost can be lowered and the savings is passed on to our customers”.

Greenpacket maintains its status as the world’s third largest device manufacturer by developing innovative products to meet the specific needs of its customers globally and to also capture new market segments. The capabilities of producing a broad and complete range of cost effective yet high performance WiMAX devices has established Greenpacket as a provider of choice for WiMAX operators around the world.

Closely following Greenpacket’s high performance DX series modem, the design focus for the DV carries performance traits of the DX in delivering improved download speeds, extended coverage range and secured access. The DV delivers an overall max EIRP of 32dBm, one of the highest in its class, giving boost to uplink signal performance, improving coverage up to almost 30%.

Serving the value segments, the DV range is designed to deliver data, voice and wireless LAN. By bringing down the cost with minimal configuration of one Ethernet port, one VoIP port and Wi-Fi, it removes all redundant configurations of multiple ports normally available in premium CPEs that is unnecessary to the home user.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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