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[Industry] Nokia-Siemens’ Liquid Net to handle Broadband Demands

Nokia Siemens has announced Liquid Net, a new approach in handling wireless data traffic.

Liquid Net allows current wireless broadband networks to automatically adjust to demand by utilizing spare capacity and can boost the traffic handling ability of base stations by 10%, according to Phil Twist, head of marketing at NSN’s network systems division.

Basically, Liquid Net uses automated, self-adapting broadband optimization to deliver services and content to ensure the best customer experience by always being aware of the network’s operational status and the services being consumed. Liquid Net channels traffic in the transport network along the path of least resistance and lowest cost between operator sites.

The idea is to create software-defined applications that run on multi-purpose hardware rather than conventional networks with dedicated software and hardware stacks. Liquid Net software runs on processes, which enables the use of multi-purpose, shared hardware. That means processing capacity can be pooled and re-allocated based on the application and location.

For instance, on the radio side, baseband capacity can be pulled away from a particular cell site and used at another site. In the core, that means processing can be shared across browsing, VoIP and packet core functionalities.

In February, NSN introduced its Liquid Radio base stations that uses distributed antennae and virtualized baseband processing to provide a highly distributed architecture built around small cells and miniature base-station designs. Many of the components of Liquid Net are already available today via its existing Liquid Radio, core and transport businesses, but new elements will be introduced in the future.

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