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Key Statistic of Opera Mini Mobile Browser

Below are some of the key statistic/facts of the Opera Mini mobile browser.

  • In August 2011, there were over 128.0 million Opera Mini users, a 5.1% increase from July 2011. Since August 2010, the number of unique users has increased 92.3%.
  • Opera Mini users generated over 1,232 million MB of data for operators worldwide. Since July, the data consumed went up by 5.3%.
  • Opera global network of data centers to deliver more than 79 billion pages to Opera Mini users each month.
  • If Opera Mini’s users were to view their pages before the money-saving compression of the pages, the amount of data would be a staggering 11.4 petabytes of data in August alone.

Download Opera Mini/Mobile here. It is available on mobile platforms such as Android, Symbian/S60, Windows Mobile (10, 5.1), Maemo (labs), MeeGo (labs), Java phones, iOS and BlackBerry.

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