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Maxis Social Networking Platform- Battle of the Sexes

Maxis is set to launch a new, made in Malaysia social networking platform called Battle of the Sexes tomorrow.

There are three film made in the name “Battle of the Sexes” during the 90s. It was also name after a game(theory) and the seventh studio album by American rapper Ludacris.

But what is Battle of the Sexes (BOTS) from Maxis is all about?

Half the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other. – Jane Austen, “Emma”

Welcome to Battle Of The Sexes! It’s fun to talk about the intriguing differences between the sexes, but the rivalry between men and women seems to be eternal. Since the primeval times until recently the roles of men and women in society were strictly regulated. Today, there are women among astronauts, lawyers, doctors, and prime ministers. Some ask “Do we need men at all?” Again, men and women find themselves on different sides of the barricade. Will peace treaty ever be signed?

Battle it out here on BOTS by engaging in friendly challenges and see just which sex is superior. Make friends, share your photos and experiences, send gifts and chat in groups or privately to learn more about the opposite sex. As we know, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but you just might get closer to solving one of the greatest mysteries of all time – understanding the opposite sex

Some FAQ below:

Why play BOTS?
Why Not? For just RM2/top up, 1-2 top up per week, you will get 200 Gold Point and have unlimited FREE WAP access to our portal, using FREE WAP Chat service and FREE messaging service ON THE MOVE with your friends who are also Maxis users! Start your savings by using BOTS now!
You can enjoy the following features in BOTS:
– Play Battle of The Sexes to gain highest score and win Prizes! Check how to win Prizes below.
– Make new friends using search function
– Send Private Message (PM) to your friends, save cost on your SMS!
– Share pictures/photos
– Have private conversations with friends via Private Chat, save cost on your SMS!
– Have own public chat room, save cost on your SMS!

How do I subscribe to BOTS TOP UP Service?
To subscribe to BOTS Top Up Service, Type ON BOTS and SMS to 27117. Alternatively click here to register. RM2/top up=200 Gold Points, 1-2 top up per week.

What are the charges?
We only charge you the following:
– RM2.00/top up, 1-2 top up per week
– RM2.00 for 200 Gold Point
– RM5.00 for 600 Gold Point
Everything else in BOTS are FREE for members!

Does BOTS charge for Maxis WAP data?
Let us reiterate and reassure you, we DO NOT charge for Maxis WAP data.
We make ZERO from data charges.

More details check out the Maxis BOTS website.

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