Sunday, March 26, 2023

Nokia N9: DiGi from RM1199, Celcom from RM968

As stated by Nokia Malaysia, the Nokia N9 MeeGo smarphone goes on sale in Malaysia today.

DiGi Nokia N9 Plans

DiGi is offering the Nokia N9 for as low as RM1199 if customers opt for the DG Smart Plan 68 with 24-months contract. For the same plan, the phone cost RM1499 if a 12-months contract is taken.

If customer opt for DG Smart Plan 48, the Nokia N9 cost RM1349 with a 24-months contract or RM1549 with a 12-months contract.

[DiGi Website]

Celcom Nokia N9 Plans

Celcom is offering the Nokia N9 for as low as RM968 if customers opt for the Celcom Exec 250 plan with 18-months contract. The phone cost RM1268 with a 12-months contract on the same plan.

The Nokia N9 cost RM1348 if customers opt for a 18-months contract and pay RM88/month that includes the Celcom Exec 50 plan and a 1GB data plan. At RM108 a month, the Nokia N9 cost RM1298 with a 18-months contract. This plan comes with the Celcom Exec plan and a 3GB data plan.

 [Celcom Website]

The Nokia N9 has a retail price of RM1799 for the 16GB version and RM2088 for the 64Gb version in Malaysia.


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