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Samsung sues Apple to stop iPhone 4S sales in Japan & Australia

Samsung Electronics has sued Apple in Japan and Australia to stop the sales of iPhone 4S in both countries.

The Korea-based electronics giant said in a blog post that it filed preliminary injunction motions in Japan’s Tokyo District Court and Australia’s New South Wales Registry, requesting that sales of Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad 2 devices be stopped in the two countries. Samsung claimed Apple’s products infringed its patents covering wireless communications and user-interface technologies.

Samsung Patent Claims in Japan:

The injunction request in Japan cites infringements on one High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) standard-related patent and three user interface patents, which seriously violate Samsung’s intellectual property.

  1. One HSPA patent which relates to a method for deciding amount of power consumption during data transmission
  2. Three user interface patents that are essential for displaying information on the screen, specifically UIs for the “in flight mode” indicator (airplane icon); for customizing a smartphone’s home screen; and for browsing applications categorized in a tree structure (in an apps store).

Samsung Patent Claims in Australia:

Samsung’s preliminary injunction request in Australia cites three patent infringements related to wireless telecommunications standards, specifically Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) and HSPA.

  1. Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving packet data using pre-defined length indicator in a mobile communication system (WCDMA)
  2. Method and apparatus for data transmission in a mobile telecommunication system supporting enhanced uplink service (HSPA)
  3. Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data with high reliability in a mobile communication system supporting packet data transmission (HSPA)

Earlier this month, Samsung filed motions in France and Italy citing two patents infringements on wireless telecommunications technology and aiming to prevent the sale of the iPhone 4S. Legal battle between the rivals have spread worldwide since April when Apple claimed Samsung’s Galaxy devices copied its iPad and iPhone.

Apple said it had sold over 4 million units of iPhone 4S, three days after its launch on Oct. 14. It added that over 25 million users had downloaded the company’s latest iOS 5 mobile operating system in the first five days of its release, and over 20 million customers had signed up for iCloud service.

iPhone 4S is currently available in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdowm, and will be available in 22 more countries including Singapore, on Oct. 28 October(Singtel, M1) and in over 70 countries by year-end.

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[Source 2]– ZDNet

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