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Meet Mat Tune from Tune Talk

Meet “tropicgang” a.k.a. Mat Tune who has been hired by Tune Talk to produce more videos to manage and interact with Tune Talk fans via Facebook and YouTube.

Watch the video below to find out more.

It all started in August when an anonymous fan called ‘tropicgang’ posted a video on YouTube featuring a beefy puppet character dedicated for Tune Talk’s second birthday. Titled ‘Who Like Confuse’, the video highlighted in a very entertaining way Tune Talk’s single subscription plan that is simple, straightforward and transparent. The video quickly gained widespread attention, earning 5,000 views within a week, and sky-rocketing to over 24,000 views to date.

Who Like Confuse Youtube Video from “tropicgang”:

It caught the eyes of Tune Talk’s CEO, Jason Lo and Chairman Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and after a series of message exchanges on YouTube and Twitter, Jason and ‘tropicgang’ finally met and negotiations began behind closed doors.

‘tropicgang’ has since agreed to create more ‘Mat Tune’ music videos, which will be released monthly from now until December 2011.

‘Tropicgang’ however wants to remain anonymous and prefers to be known by its character ‘Mat Tune’.

Talking about what he thought of the tribute video, Jason said: “Mat Tune broke away from the typical cover song format of a bedroom musician. Tony and I were impressed at its quirky mix of in-your-face humour, original scripting and creative use of puppets.”

“Mat Tune now is building his popularity and career since his “Who Like Confuse” music video became viral on YouTube. We have many interesting things planned for them. Social media has become a key channel of communication and that is why we have decided to hire “tropicgang” a.k.a. Mat Tune. We would like to use this new discovery to engage our fans with content that is relevant to them regardless of whether they are our subscribers or not. You don’t always have to sell people something, have a little fun derr! ” said Jason Lo.

Fans can now look forward to more quirky music videos, fun interaction and surprise rewards with “Mat Tune” by following him on Tune Talk’s Facebook page.

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