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Android Repairs cost Mobile Operators $2 billion a year

A new research claims that Android device returns and repairs are costing the mobile operators around the world up to $2 billion per year, with each handset return costing operators up to $130.

Managed services firm WDS, which offers device management and call center services to operators in a recent report indicates that Android handsets are more likely to suffer from hardware faults than Windows Phone 7, iOS or BlackBerry handsets.

The research shows that 14% of all Android support calls were related to hardware failures. By comparison, only 11% of Windows Phone 7 calls were because of hardware failures followed by iOS with 7% and BlackBerry with only 6%.

Below are the breakdown of hardware failures- Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 & BlackBerry:

(Hardware fault best in class vs worst in class)
(Hardware fault types by OS)

WDS VP of marketing Tim Deluca-Smith blames the higher propensity for Android hardware failure partly on fragmentation and the emergence of the low-cost smartphone segment.

Deluca-Smith said that, while Android has helped take smartphones to masses of people, it has come at a cost, especially when telecommunications operators roll out cheaper devices from less-known brands.

“Our analysis does not find any inherent fault with the Android platform,” he said. “Its openness has enabled the ecosystem to grow to a phenomenal size, at a phenomenal rate – and it’s this success that is proving challenging.”

The research covered 600,000 technical support calls taken by WDS across Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia over a period of 1 year.

[Source]– Telecom Asia

[Download Full Report]- WDS (registration required)

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