Monday, March 20, 2023

Celcom to enhance customer experience with IBM business analytics technology

Celcom Axiata has selected IBM business analytics technology in a move to enhance customer experience through more personalised product offerings.

Using the new business analytics solution from IBM will enable Celcom to better gather and understand new and existing market data, in both static and interactive form, and more effectively segment the company’s target market. The result will mean less redundant messages being sent to unintended recipients. Another benefit of the project will be the ability to help Celcom create new business models and niche markets across different industries that are usually overlooked by conventional mobile marketing practices and campaigns, or boost the emerging markets by offering better deals and promotions.

As part of the project, IBM is also working with Celcom to integrate database systems in order to consolidate quantitative and qualitative data derived from customers. The goal is to create a singular data warehouse that will improve operational efficiency and provide their customers with more value-added services.

For broadband and data related services, Celcom will be able to promptly identify areas with the highest signal traffic and customer concentration, allowing the company to plan for future network expansion and upgrades.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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