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FAQ on U Mobile Free SMS & Free Data

U Mobile plans to reward its customers with free SMS & data since the 3G operator suffered a network outage last week which lasted several hours. Its Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Dr. Kaizad B. Heerjee has apologised for the downtime and claims that the service interruption was caused by a “network upgrade”.

However MalaysianWireless is still awaiting reply from U Mobile as we have reasons to believe that the network outage was caused by an error in HLR (Home Location Register) database.

Below is a FAQ on the Free SMS & Free Data prepared by U Mobile.

Who is entitled for the Free SMS and Data offer?
All U Mobile active subscribers are entitled for the free SMS while U Mobile monthly data package users are entitled for the free data which include customers who signed up for our voice plans but it comes bundled with data plans.

What is the free SMS and data all about?
You will be able to send free SMS for all day to all operators in Malaysia on the day of 10 Nov 2011, 10 Dec 2011 and 10 Jan 2012 respectively.

And for monthly data package users, you will be receiving an additional free data of 500MB monthly from 10 Nov 2011 to 31 Jan 2012. This includes customers who purchase new monthly prepaid and postpaid data packages within that period.

It excludes PAYU and daily broadband plans.

What are the broadband packages that entitled to 500MB additional free data?
The broadband packages that are entitled to 500MB free data are:

  • Prepaid & Postpaid monthly data packages (MB40, MB68, MB128)
  • Unlimited mobile internet (UMI)
  • All Postpaid plans

I have freebies of SMS and data on my existing plan. With this offer, which one will it be utilized first?
You will enjoy free SMS on 10 Nov, 10 Dec and 10 Jan 2012, and it will not utilise your existing free SMS.

The 500MB data is an additional data given to you on top of your monthly broadband package. Meaning if your broadband monthly allowance is 5GB, you will be getting 5.5GB.

If I subscribed prepaid MB40 on the 30th Jan, do I still entitle for the free 500MB data?
Yes, you will get 2G + 500MB monthly data allowance.

What happen if my speed is throttled before 10th Nov, will I get the free 500MB data and the speed will be un-throttled on the 10th Nov?
You will enjoy the normal speed again for the additional 500MB and the speed will be throttled once the 500MB is consumed before 30 Nov.

Do I need to activate the promo to enjoy the free SMS and data?
No activation is required for free SMS and data. You will enjoy sending free SMS to all Telco in Malaysia automatically on 10 Nov, 10 Dec and 10 Jan. The additional 500MB free data will be added to your subscribed allowance automatically as well, i.e. if your allowance is 5GB, you will have 5.5GB for that particular month.

[Source]– U Mobile

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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