Thursday, June 1, 2023

[Apps] Opera Mini 6.5 for iOS, BlackBerry, Java & S60 released

Opera Software released the Opera Mini browser in version 6.5 for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Symbian S60 and Java-enabled phones. Opera software also made available the Opera Mobile 11.5 browser for Symbian S60.

Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5 both contain a nifty feature to keep track of your data usage. A data counter, located under the “Help” menu in both products let you keep a tally of your web surfing usage. Two different counters, one for total usage and one for temporary usage, let you stay in charge of your data usage if you need to watch the data cap or costs.

With Opera Mini, the cost-saving compression is always turned on. There are computers located in locations such as Iceland that squeeze the webpages down before sending them in smaller (and thereby cheaper) packages to your phone. This also enables less-capable feature phones to view full webpages, where the built-in browser can’t.

Opera Mobile has cost-saving features too, but here you can turn them on and off, making the browser more like the Opera Turbo feature in your Opera desktop browser.

The Opera Mini 6.5 browser is now available in the Apple App Store, Android Market and for download at for Symbian S60, Java-enabled phones and BlackBerry phones.

The Opera Mobile browser is available at the Android Market and at for Symbian S60 phones.

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