Monday, May 29, 2023

[Video] The Story behind Nokia Lumia 800

The yet to be released Nokia Lumia 800, the first Windows Phone 7 smartphone from Nokia, is already getting attention from all around the world. It makes us wonder how the Nokia Lumia 800 was made and who are the people behind it.

Watch this amazing 8min video below where Stefan Pannenbecker, VP of Industrial Design, and team shares their story behind the making of Nokia Lumia 800.

Key moments in the video:

0m 28s – It takes courage to try something new
1m 02s – New collaborative experience fuels design ambition
1m 22s – Reaction to the Nokia Lumia 800 at Nokia World 2011
1m 41s – The art of great collaboration
1m 56s – Unsung heroes
2m 33s – Starting a partnership of this magnitude
2m 53s – Friendly SWAT team of designers
3m 20s – Technologically advanced and natural to use
3m 45s – The bones
3m 59s – Antenna performance guides the design and materials used
4m 19s – Early design studies and 3D wax models
4m 38s – A truly beautiful product made out of plastic
5m 02s – Techniques typically associated with metal work
5m 16s – Physical design and software experience become one
5m 56s – Subtle design elements
6m 23s – Creating a product designed to be used all over the world
6m 40s – Contacts Transfer app
6m 56s – Only the beginning
7m 15s – Taking a risk and seeing the reward

[Source]– Nokia Conversations

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