Wednesday, February 8, 2023

DiGi iPhone 4S Plans revealed

DiGi has revealed their iPhone 4S pricing today after receiving approval from Apple last Friday.

DiGi iPhone 4S pricing below:

  • 16GB- RM2090
  • 32GB- RM2390
  • 64GB- RM2690

Customers must choose one the iPhone 4S above and sign up a 24-months contract with either iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 or iDiGi 238. There is no 12-months contract.

DiGi iDiGi 88 iPhone 4S:

DiGi iDiGi 138 iPhone 4S:

DiGi iDiGi 238 iPhone 4S:

Comment: The DiGi iPhone 4S price appears to have low subsidy or no subsidy at all from DiGi.

To pre-order the iPhone 4S from DiGi, visit the link below.

[Source]– DiGi iPhone 4S

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