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Dell Tablets for the Consumers later this year

It doesn’t stop Dell from continuing its tablet business despite poor sales record of its Streak tablet and heavy competition in the increasingly crowded market. Companies like HP pulled out from the business while BlackBerry is struggling to keep up its PlayBook sales but Dell seems to be working on tablet for the consumers which is expected later this year.

“We have been taking our time. The general failure of everyone that’s tried to introduce a tablet outside of Apple” suggested Dell made a prudent choice, you will see us enter this market in a bigger way toward the end of the year. So we are not really deemphasizing it, we are really being very careful how we enter it.” chief commercial officer Steve Felice told Reuters at the Consumer Electronics Show in US.

“When you are talking about PC, people are more focused on the hardware itself. When you are talking about the tablet or the smartphone, people are interested in the overall environment its operating in,” he added. “As we have matured in this, we are spending a lot more time in the overall ecosystem.” he added.

Felice said that Dell has yet to decide which operating system to adopt, Microsoft Corp’s upcoming Windows 8 or Google Inc’s Android, saying that both are viable options for its tablet.

“When we introduce the products, they will be consumer products, but we are going to make sure that they are very compatible with the business marketplace, which we don’t think Apple has addressed,” Felice said. “There’s lot of use in the commercial sector that requires security and more compatibility, and I think we will be able to address that in a better way.”

[Source]– Reuters

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