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[Business] Nokia got (USD)250m from Microsoft to use Windows Phone OS

Nokia revealed in its Q4 Financial Earnings that Microsoft paid Nokia $250 million in the quarter for “platform support payments”. In other words, the payment is for Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 7. Some reports online suggested that Nokia will be receiving more, in the billion, to further promote and use Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

“Our broad strategic agreement with Microsoft includes platform support payments from Microsoft to us as well as software royalty payments from us to Microsoft.  In the fourth quarter 2011, we received the first quarterly platform support payment of USD 250 million (EUR 180 million).  We have a competitive software royalty structure, which includes minimum software royalty commitments. Over the life of the agreement, both the platform support payments and the minimum software royalty commitments are expected to measure in the billions of US Dollars.” Nokia’s earning statement reveals.

Nokia said it had sales of 10 billion euros ($13.2 billion) in the quarter, down 21% from the same period a year ago. It had lost €954 million (about $1,260 million) this quarter alone or a total of €1,073 million ($1,413 million) for the whole 2011.

It also reported that it had sold at least 1 million Nokia(Lumia) Windows Phones.

[Q4 2011 Financial Earnings]– Nokia

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