Sunday, June 11, 2023

Free Satellite TV Service in Malaysia called Njoi

Astro has announced Njoi, a free satellite TV service to all consumers in Malaysia nationwide. Njoi, which comprises a set-top box, Out-Door Unit (ODU) satellite dish, smartcard and remote control unit, is available at a one-time payment of RM288 at authorised Njoi retailers, and RM100 for installation.

Njoi gives consumers in Malaysia access to 18 TV and 19 radio channels with no monthly subscription. Below are the 18 channel offered for free via Njoi:

  1. Astro Tutor TV- CH601
  2. Astro Tutor TV SPM- CH603
  3. Astro Oasis- CH106
  4. Astro Vanaavil- CH201
  5. Astro AEC- CH301
  6. Astro Awani- CH501
  7. Makkal TV- CH203
  8. Bernama TV- CH502
  9. TV2- CH102
  10. iMus- CH130
  11. Astro Tutor TV PMR- CH602
  12. Astro Prima- CH105
  13. Jia Yu- CH304
  14. CCTV4- CH334
  15. TV1- CH101
  16. TVi- CH180
  17. iView- CH302
  18. Astro Xiao Tai Yang- CH325

Current Astro subscribers may transfer the service to Njoi however a subscription fee of RM99 applies and customers must settle all outstanding balances and contract penalty charges (if any).

In a statement Astro said that “Later on customers can look forward to buying additional content at their own discretion, from a menu of attractive content through a prepaid mechanism, which will be available by the middle of 2012.”

Astro also said that it is in discussion with Media Prima to include free TV channels such as TV3, Ntv7 and 8TV however no time line was given.

To subscribe to Njoi, visit any Astro authorised retailer or check out the Njoi website(link).

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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