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[Apps] Free Avira Android Security Beta

Avira, one of the world most popular free antivirus software has just released an Android Security mobile app for free.

The free Avira Android Security, still in Beta comes with anti-theft functions, including remote lock, scream, GPS tracking, and device info monitoring, among others.

Below is the full explanation of the free Avira Android Security Beta taken from the Android Market page:

Make It Scream!
Can’t find your phone? Maybe it isn’t far away or people nearby aren’t aware of the unattended phone. By logging on to the Web Console from any browser, you can trigger a loud noise from the device, even if it was in silent mode.

Lock the Phone Remotely
Shield your personal information as soon as you think your device is missing. The Remote Lock feature locks the device from the web and can even display a message to the person who finds the device.

Pinpoint a Missing Phone’s Location
Search for your smartphone the smart way! Avira Free Android Security can locate your device’s signal and display its location on a Google map.

Call the Owner
Being a hero was never so convenient! The person who finds your locked phone can call and report the discovery by tapping a button on the touchscreen. All you have to do is set an alternate number in the Web Console.

Manage Multiple Devices
Perfect for families and power users, Avira Free Android Security accommodates up to five devices on a single account. Easily add and remove devices, or adjust preferences for individual devices, right from any web browser.

Monitor Battery Life and More
The Web Console provides a handy overview of your devices. In one place, you can see remaining battery life and installed Android version as well as device specifics such as model and carrier information.

View a Device’s Security History
The Web Console stores the history of all Avira Free Android Security functions performed on your device(s). Places a phone has been located, dates and times of remote screams, locks and unlocks are conveniently available online.

There’s also a Remote Wipe feature that will be available later. In the event when the phone is lost, this function allows the user to visit the web console to remove all contacts, messages, apps, photos, login credentials and settings from their device, SIM and SD card.

Despite lacking the standard mobile anti-malware protection, Avira Android Security comes with anti-theft functions that are usually not free in the market.

Avira Android Security Beta works on Android 2.2 and above, it can be downloaded from Android Market for free.

[Download]– Free Avira Android Security Beta(Android Market)

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