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New Hotlink BAGUS Prepaid Plan from Maxis

Maxis has launched a new prepaid plan called Hotlink Bagus today. The leading mobile operator in the country said that Hotlink BAGUS gives customers access to the lowest rates in all the following categories- Voice, SMS, Surfing the Internet, International Direct Dial(IDD) and Roaming.

The new Hotlink BAGUS offers lower call rates when users maintain a minimum balance of RM10 in their account. Details below:

Voice Calls & SMS

Customers with a minimum credit balance of RM10 & above

  • Calls to Maxis/Hotlink numbers: 20sen/min
  • Calls to non-Maxis numbers- 30sen/min
  • Activ10- 12sen/min

Customers with a minimum credit balance of RM10 & below

  • Calls to Maxis/Hotlink numbers: 24sen/min
  • Calls to non-Maxis numbers- 36sen/min
  • Activ10- 12sen/min

SMS rates are standard at 5sen/SMS to Maxis numbers, 10sen/SMS to non-Maxis numbers & 1sen/SMS to Activ10 numbers.

BAGUS 5 Pass

Customers who makes more frequent calls may choose to purchase the BAGUS 5 Pass which offers the following:

  • Calls to Maxis/Hotlink Numbers- 12sen/min
  • Calls to Non-Maxis Numbers- 18sen/min
  • SMS to Maxis/Hotlink Numbers- 1sen/SMS
  • SMS to Non-Maxis Numbers- 10sen/SMS
  • Free 10MB Data for a limited time

The BAGUS 5 Pass comes with a 3 days validity and call rates are based on 30-seconds block.

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet packages are charged as per below:

  • RM2/day- 100MB
  • RM5/day- 500MB
  • RM8/week- 100MB
  • RM12/week- 250MB
  • RM3/week- 5MB

To subscribe dial *100#, select “Internet & Settings” and then Select “Mobile Internet”.

Data Roaming

Data roaming is charged a flat rate of RM5/MB at the following countries, no activation required:

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Macau
  • Philippines
  • Republic of Korea
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

IDD Rates

The new Hotlink BAGUS Plan offers the lowest rate to 233 countries according to Maxis. Customers who dial using “13200[Country Code][AreaCode][TelephoneNumber]” will be able to enjoy lower rates such as 14sen/min for calls to Bangladesh, 8-10sen/min to China, 22sen/min to Indonesia, or 46sen/min to Philippines.

Maxis also reduced the cost of sending International SMS. It now cost 15sen/SMS to selected 16 countries including to Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore & more. For other countries, it cost as low as 20sen/SMS.

The full list of countries for IDD Calls and International SMS can be found at the Hotink website.

The new Hotlink BAGUS Plan starter pack cost RM5. Current Maxis Prepaid customers can migrate to the Hotlink BAGUS plan by dialing *108*21#.  A migration fee of RM1 applies.

Full details will be available at the new Hotlink Bagus Plan website soon.

Maxis’ total subscriber base currentlystands at 14 million (prepaid & postpaid). 7.8 million of them are Internet users and 3.7 million of these are smartphone users. 60% of these smartphone users are on prepaid. Maxis currently has over10 million prepaid customers.

[]– Hotlink Bagus Plan website

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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