Monday, February 6, 2023

New Maxis Internet Value Plans is all about Data

About 20 hours ago, we said on our Facebook page that Maxis is about to reveal a new plan and it happened. Today Maxis revealed on its website their new Internet Value Plans. Not to get confused with the Value Plus Internet Plans which was launched in December, the new Internet Value Plans is all about data, says Maxis.

There are three plans under the Maxis Internet Value Plans- Internet Value 75, Internet Value 50 & Internet Value 48.

The Internet Value 75 and Internet Value 50 comes without contract where users can terminate anytime while the Maxis Internet Value 48 has a 12-months contract.

Internet Value 75- This plan comes with a 3.5GB monthly data allowance and cost RM75 a month.

Internet Value 50- The monthly fee is RM50/month and there is a 1.5GB monthly data allocation.

Both Internet Value 75 and Internet Value 50 have a call rate of 12sen/min for calls within the network(Maxis-Maxis) and 20sen per minute for calls outside the network. Each SMS to another Maxis number cost 5sen and SMS to non-Maxis numbers cost 15sen/sms.

Despite Maxis calling it a data-focused plan, the Internet Value 75 and Internet Value 50 does not come with unlimited Internet. Customers will have to pay 30sen/MB(up to RM250/month) once they exceed the given monthly data allocation or they can choose to purchase the Internet passes below:

  • 50MB- RM10
  • 100MB- RM18
  • 200MB- RM28
  • 500MB- RM38
  • 1GB- RM48

Internet Value 48- Under this plan, users are given a monthly data allocation of 1.5GB at RM48 a month. 12-months contract apply.

Calls to Maxis numbers are charged 12sen/min while calls made to outside the network is charged 20sen/min. Meanwhile SMS within the network cost  5sen/sms and outside the network cost 15sen/sms.

Customers that have exceeded the 1.5GB month data allocation will have pay 30sen/MB or they can purchase the data add-on plan. Exclusive for this plan, Maxis is offering the a 500MB mobile internet volume pass for RM5 with 2 weeks validity.

These Internet Value plans are open to all postpaid consumers, including corporate individual, SME individual & Government individual customers. Consumers can apply to port-in, migrate from prepaid-to-postpaid or sign up for a new registration.

[Source]– Maxis Internet

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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