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Over 2 million registered users on Tonton

Tonton has reached a major milestone with over two million registered users since its launch 18 months ago. Thus far, Tonton has over 29 million visitor views and served over 31million video streams to subscribers worldwide last year.

(L to R): Lam Swee Kim, Group General Manager Alt Media, Datuk Zainul, Head of New Media Division Alt Media, Paul Moss, General Manager Platforms & Technology

The last 18 months have been a very exciting period for Tonton says ALT Media, the new media arm of Media Prima. The list of milestones and achievements include:

  1. 24 March 2011: Rakyat’s Choice Award for FAVOURTE ENTERTAINMENT PORTAL at the NEF-Awani ICT Awards 2010.
  2. 21 April 2011: Tonton Mobile was launched with over 1 million page views monthly last year.
  3. June 2011 – In just over a month, the very popular local Malay drama NORA ELENA garnered over 1.3 million video views. By end November 2011, video views have reached over 2.2 million, making it the Number 1 programme on Tonton for 2011.
  4. 8 July 2011: Tonton Premium was launched with the premiere of Nur Kasih the Movie online.
  5. 7 December 2011: Tonton ranked No.9 on Google’s Top 10 Fastest Rising Searches of 2011 (*Information released by Google for its annual Zeitgeist lists for Malaysia (7/12/11))
  6. 11 – 22 November 2011: Live streaming on Tonton for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 26th SEA GAMES including the football matches featuring Team Malaysia garnered close to150,000 hits.
  7. December 2011: Tonton peaked at 11 million page views and 955,000 unique visitors (Source: comScore) which puts Tonton on a strong foothold as the No. 1 Malaysian video portal in Malaysia.

This year Tonton will be introducing a compact version of Tonton called “Tonton Lite” which will be similar to Tonton Mobile. This will enable users with desktop computers or laptops to view videos with speedier loading time and to enjoy a smoother viewing experience. “We strive to provide the highest quality of user experience now and in the future. It is fundamental that we continuously learn, evolve and remain the frontrunner in online entertainment”, said Paul Moss, General Manager, Platforms & Technology of Alt Media Sdn. Bhd.

On the content front, Tonton will have more Asian content, namely from Korea, Indonesia, India and Philippines. An education channel called “Tonton Learn” will be introduced in mid-April to serve our younger audience, where tutor professionals will provide revision and guide videos for UPSR, PMR and SPM students. “Educational content is a new category that we will offer to our younger audiences. We believe that this will be beneficial in students’ preparations for key examinations as it is easily accessible and covers various key subjects”, said Ms. Lam Swee Kim, Group General Manager of Media Prima Berhad. “Additionally, we will be also be introducing a “Tonton Kids” channel, working closely with Media Prima TV Networks.

Sports will also be part of the expansion initiatives. This June, Tonton will be streaming 16 ‘LIVE’ EURO 2012 matches on Tonton and Tonton Mobile. The catch up of the matches will also be available for 48 hours on Tonton after the live stream.

Tonton currently features a wide variety of catch-up programmes as well as premium content of local and Asian dramas, talk shows, docu-dramas and movies. It currently has 13 channels, including from Media Prima’s very own TV3, TV9, ntv7, and 8TV. The other channels are KRU TV, Gua TV, Gua Muzik, One TV, Hot TV, Fly TV, emas, Tonton Exclusives and Tonton Korean.

To experience Tonton, log on to www.tonton.com.my to register.

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