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P1 Fiber OnePlans Revealed

Just as reported previously, Packet One(P1) yesterday morning revealed its new high speed broadband plans on its website.

P1’s new fibre-to-the home service is called Fibre and the WiMAX operator has now added 3 additional new One Plan(s)- OnePlan 169, One Plan 199, One Plan 299.

Similar to the existing P1 OnePlan(s), the P1 Fibre OnePlan is catered to home(Fibre) and on the go users(Super WiGGY). All the new Fibre OnePlan(s) comes with a 24-months contract. Details below:

P1 OnePlan 169

The P1 OnePlan 169 is currently the cheapest Fibre plan from P1. It cost RM169/month and comes with download speeds of up to 5Mbps. There also a huge monthly quota of 50GB and P1 is giving 50 minutes of free voice.

P1 OnePlan 199

There’s a 100GB monthly quota offered via the P1 OnePlan 199. This plan cost RM199/month and comes with download speeds of up to 10Mbps. A free call of 100 minutes is given under this plan.

P1 OnePlan 269

20Mbps is currently the fastest broadband speed available from P1. The P1 OnePlan 269 cost RM269/month and comes with a 200GB a monthly data quota. P1 is giving away a 200 minutes of voice calls under this plan.

Note- All three plans comes with the Super WiGGY USB Modem with speeds up to 1Mbps and a monthly download quota of 3GB. The plans will also include a DECT Phone, WiFi Router and Broadband Termination Unit(BTU).

According to P1, installation will take approximately 3-days. The standard installation includes up to 85 meters of fiber cable starting from the fiber distribution point to outside of the premise, and up to 15 meters from the outside of premise to the wall socket inside the premise. If additional fiber is required, a RM50 for every 5 meter will apply.

The P1 Fibre service is available at all HSBB/UniFi areas in the Klang Valley. More details can be found at the website below.

[Website]– P1 Fiber

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