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[Opinion] V1- What People are saying about DiGi?

In May last year, when I posted that DiGi has the worst 3G network in the country, most people agreed. However some thought that I was paid to do so and some wondered why am I so angry with DiGi.

As a DiGi customer, all I wanted was a stable, proper mobile 3G coverage but DiGi refused and complaints to the Ministry of Communication did not resolve the issues.

Most people told me to port to another network and ignore this issue but I said No. Until today, 2-3 years later and since my last comment on DiGi, the network and experience remains the same.

DiGi is already upgrading its network to be LTE-ready by end of this year. But it is highly questionable whether this upgrade would resolve current issues(highlighted here) and improve indoor coverage. How can you jump to a new technology but not resolve your current network problems?

Just two weeks ago, a “little bird” told me that some 20 base station went down in Penang due to some error in the new network equipment. This can’t be confirmed. And last week, some friends in PJ also complained about sudden poor signal reception. The question is, where do these people go? or How serious is DiGi in resolving it?

I want people(including DiGi) to know that there are a lot of DiGi customers out there who are using the service just because they love DiGi, or tied to contract, cheap or other reasons.

So this time, I’m making less comments about DiGi. I’ve decided to compile a number of comments from Malaysia’s largest online community, the LowYat forum.

You may say that other Telcos also have issues and I do agree but DiGi has an issue with the 3G network and it remained the same past 2 years. At least with other Telcos, customers can use the 3G service within coverage, get connected but DiGi gives you a different problem. Example the 3G connection might drop, can’t connect within coverage area, or the 3G signal just disappears. I think even U Mobile(the new comer) has done a better job than DiGi in terms of coverage.

On top of all these, who wants The Tomorrow Network if its going to offer a 700kbps-1Mbps speed, don’t forget that DiGi is already calling it Turbo 3G and Internet For All with its poor 3G coverage.

I’m going to stop here, for now.

Check out some of the comment taken from DiGi Broadband section inside the LowYat forum. Meet these people who are not happy with DiGi:

March 25, 2012- Really damn… Haix.. This few day face problem also with digi.. For info I’m taking digi Internet prepaid with rm25 starter pack.. First 5day cinnection excellent on my house which is near pj tropicana.
So I decide to reload rm100 for 100day service started 20th march..
Damn.. Just after 2day I reload until today.. At my house totally no much connection n keep dc.. Haix… Any ppl can teach me how to complain to them since m using prepaid service?

Really disappointed… Never use digi again after this 100day due..!! Wasted my money!!

March 24, 2012- Hi all.. Recently I feel that digi sucks alot with their 3G coverage. before that is ok, but now it always either no signal or very low (1bar) and effects my game and download speed very much, spiking connection. what the hell is wrong with digi? I am using bb discover 4g and before that i play games ping like 100-160ms. still smooth, but this month it maintained at 200-300ms ping, and always spike up to 3k ms!!! pls solve this… really disappointing me… i subscrided this package since 2009. if still sucks, i might change to yes 4g

March 23, 2012- i tried to terminate my sis account went to BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE to sort out the matter, they said they will only terminate if the owner present, fine, then i barred the line settling all the outstanding. then next mth the bill still coming, when i asked y the bill came, they give me simple answer: eventhough u barred the line u still have to pay the service fee until u managed to terminate successfully. when i asked y didnt explain in details last mth? he said === u have to go to berjaya times square there n asked the staff!!!!!

i will sort out all the shit n swear will not touch digi anymore —- enough!!!!

March 19, 2012- Not sure why TS decided to subscribe to DiGi Discovery 68 but I’m pretty sure that with that money, you can get better Internet experience from U Mobile if you’re staying around KL. I’m neither from DiGi nor U Mobile, just sharing my experience. At my home located around Sunway Pyramid, U Mobile is very fast and DiGi’s got 3G too but quota wise, U Mobile gives you 5GB per month.

March 3, 2012- Today i notice line at kl area so lousy…inside pertama complex cant even make call at all…

March 2, 2012- I subscribe Digi smart plan with HTC desire HD last year March 2011. For the first month(or less than that) can get 700kbps to 1mbps but after that my data seen can’t reach more than 376 kbps at Turbo 3g area (TTDI KL). I already complain more than 6 times, call digi customer service, go to digi centre, change sim card 3X times, reset my network, change to others phone and tablet. Even I swap my sim card and phne with my friends same htcdesire HD and digi smart plan. But still the problem remains with my friend sim card can get up to 1mbps. After a year complain to digi and they still said my network is OK and don’t have any problem.

…….Anyone got same problem with me I want u join me sue digi at tribunal?

Feb 16, 2012- Only works for 1st day?
if it is trully because of the service and not because of some other factor, then i guess they can consider to tutup kedai.

Feb 16, 2012- klcc is one of the worst area in term of coverage.
that is from my experience.

Feb 17, 2012- i changed my apn fr diginet to 3gdgnet…it was fine..but gt back home now its slow..guess its the area

Feb 5, 2012- im leaving digi once i get a new phone.. prolly going to maxis. if you have self-respect you would not go for digi

Feb 3, 2012- DiGi promises but never delivers… and people still fell for their trap (aka offers)

Feb 1, 2012- i just register 3g data plan (68/month). it seems that only at some locations i can use internet.
for example: i lives at sect6 shah alam, got 3g but cannot use internet. at office (bkt jelutong) got 3g and can use internet. os its ok. yesterday i go to bkt jalil, got 3g but also cannot use internet.

Jan 19, 2012- my plan is already data plan with 3gb limit, one day i using gprs to surf the web because no 3G coverage at that area, but i got charge for using gprs but i already subscribe the data plan, so why need to charge me?

Jan 12, 2012- Umobile climb over DIGI

Jan 13, 2012- Really hope that digi improve their service…their line sucks…especially in non city area

Jan 6, 2012- DiGi can kiss goodbye liao and see their share price tank this year. Maxis 3GB also RM68 now.

Jan 5, 2012- i wonder why Maxis/celcom can offer up to 7.2mbps but only 700kbps in digi??

Dec 29, 2011- The digi network is slow shit, thinking to move to other line.

Dec 28, 2011- Used digi internet for around 2years. At the first, internet super smooth. After introduce those smart plan and other internet plan, service getting worse. Everyday reach 11-12pm den very lag and sometime cant even connect.

Dec 28, 2011- I jumped to celcom today. Couldnt take it anymore. Good luck to digi future users.

Dec 27, 2011- there appears to be no link to the Tomorrow Network page from DiGi’s main website – why is that?

Dec 27, 2011- digi can’t even provide good phone coverage to all the places, if they can’t do a basic thing like this, can u expect them to do what they say on this? talk is cheap……

Dec 27, 2011- Lost hope already.. Phone coverage also very bad.. the 3G is not worth.. Thinking of switching to Celcom

Dec 27, 2011- exactly, even cheap washing machine are faster than DiGi’s Turbo 3G

Dec 20, 2011- Very very disappointed with DIGI and i have my company with so many line with digi looking to switch to celcom………..Stupid digi.

Nov 21, 2011- if Im at ground floor, I cant get 3G at all. Only EDGE and not even full bar. When I go upstair, between 1-2bars of 3G but not stable. Have to place near window when downloading something for stable speed. Outside my house, 3 bars no problem. When call to complain, they explained got 2 types of tower, one for indoors and the other with outdoor. Bla bla bla but at the end, nothing is done to fix it.

Nov 20, 2011- i feel dat lately my internet data line by Digi reach its limit very fast……. line’s getting bad too!!

Nov 20, 2011- Digi dam sucks lately… Slow, network down, and still accuse user limit almost up.

Nov 19, 2011- waa… so fakap aa digi.. come on la digi.. dah la make me sick need to see the bodoh advertisement all over this site.. you know digi, when your service is good, people will come to you.. no need to advertise like this…………..

July 18, 2011- I have resolved my issue with Maxis with the correct workaround but as until today… i think around 1-2 weeks liao… i have yet to get an answer from DiGi in regards to my PPTP connection… I’m on their DG Smart Plan…. truly disappointing…. doh.gif

July 15, 2011- …………It make me feel that Digi is like over selling their Mobile Broadband until it need to limit what’s their customer was using.

Jun 26, 2011- Ladies and gentleman, I am writing to consumer tribunal to complaint the hell out of Digi, and i will spend the rest of my life, whenever i am free or have the opportunity, to tell people about my extremely horrified experience with Digi. I will make use of all the social media available on planet Earth to tell the WORLD how poor a service and how unreasonable their people and policies are.
And Yes, I wanted to do the same thing, I want to cancel ALL my Digi lines (now having 4 post paid line registered) and switch to Maxis.

Jun 13, 2011- They just closed my case today saying the issue has be “rectified”. Rectified here means anything but resolved.
It means that they(the engineers) now know about the issue (engineers: oopss sorry about that) when they did the network upgrades a couple months back and they won’t do shit about it.
They (DIGI) can do what ever their want. They can simply say we no longer support VPN.
Maybe 5 years from now they will say we no longer support HTTP.

And I’m stuck with a 2 years contract with this bullshit.

Jun 13, 2011- I am same with you which stuck with the 2 years contract and still have 1 more year to go sad.gif. This is very frustratuated and I have just sign up with Yes 4G today.

Jun 3, 2011- Some how all the level 1 & level 2 support staff don’t have any clue of what I’m saying. I asked to talk to their technical network engineer but keep on putting in a loop and saying that DIGI doesn’t support VPN which is very stupid since we are not using DIGI VPN services we are using their Internet connection and also the PPTP VPN worked fine all this while before their make the upgrade/changes

May 23, 2011- there are NO HSDPA coverage in putrajaya since last 3 weeks.. sooooooo bad.. even the connection show the edge but still fail to connect

May 19, 2011- After successful connect to digi broadband, I am not able to establish pptp VPN connection. Every time I get error 806 about not able to establish GRE protocol. This start happen 2 weeks ago and before that I was able to establish VPN connection. Is Digi recently start to block Pptp VPN?

Maybe DiGi should call up or contact these people? V2 coming up later.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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