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Yes 4G expands WiMAX Coverage

Based on the latest report, the Yes 4G mobile broadband service is now available in about 70% of populated areas in peninsular Malaysia with about 2,200 base stations.

“The Yes service has more than 300,000 subscribers and an 86% customer satisfaction level,” YTL Comms chief executive officer Wing K. Lee told a local daily newspaper.

The WiMAX operator recently introduced Yes Unlimited Super Post­­paid Plans. It claims that the new plan offers speed up to 20Mbps but will be limited by a Fair Usage Policy(FUP).  With the FUP in place, users who hit the the maximum data usage for the package will see their surfing speed being throttled down to 128Kbps (kilobits per second).

However users will not be charged for additional data usage beyond what had been signed up for.

[Source]– TheStar

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