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Approximately 500 DiGi Base Stations have been Upgraded

In its first quarter 2012 financial report, DiGi claims that approximately 500 base stations have been swapped. According to DiGi, the upgrade allows the Telco to deliver 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE from a single base station site.

DiGi added that it plans for a higher swap rate in the coming quarters or about 4,500 base stations through out this year.

“We have seen a steady increase in demand for mobile internet with 5.3 million mobile internet users as of 31 March 2012. We believe we will continue to see a significant increase in the number of active mobile internet customers in the coming years, and we will focus our investments on building the right infrastructure and services to enable us to truly deliver the promise of mobile internet to more Malaysians,” said Henrik Clausen, CEO of DiGi.

In a statement, DiGi said that the initial roll-out phase of the advanced network collaboration with Celcom-Axiata has also been completed. Upon conclusion of the entire project, both parties will eventually share more than 4,000 sites nationwide. Furthermore, Phase 1 of a joint aggregation and trunk fiber roll-out has also commenced, which will enable both parties to carry higher traffic volumes going forward.

DiGi.Com Bhd posted a lower net profit of RM320.63 million for its first quarter (1Q) ended March 31 2012 from RM331.4 million in the previous corresponding period.

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