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[Reader’s Letter] Poor DiGi Customer Service [Updated]

We received a letter from Michael last week. Michael who is a DiGi customer, is disappointed in the way he was treated by the DiGi customer service at the service center in Kuantan.

We have reached to DiGi for an explanation and the comment will be published in this post(if DiGi replies). In the mean time, read the full email that we received below.


To: DiGi Customer service manager / DiGi Regional manager

Dear Sir / Madam,

Currently im Digi customer with iDiGi plan with me, i just bought the iPhone with Digi centre in Kuantan when the iPhone 4S launch. The time i signup the plan and purchase the phone i double confirm the DiGi staff whether is it 1 to 1 exchange when my phone got problem, and they said yes and no need send to warranty and is on the spot 1 to 1 exchange.

Now i found out few problem on my iPhone as below and the attitude of the DiGi centre staff when i went to Digi Centre in Kuantan on yesterday(30/03/2012) :

1) First problem is screen problem is yellowish and the display is not sharp as other iPhone 4S, and i show the problem to him and compared to my friend’s units in the centre and that show the different meanwhile the other customer service staff from other counter saw that and said that is the difference and my iPhone show yellowish. Than the customer service staff ask his superior come out and he ask me to show him and compare with the display units, the time his superior talk to me the attitude is bad and not patient at all to customer. On this 2nd time compare also show that my phone’s screen is yellowish but the display unit don’t have this kind of problem but he tell me both phone display are same and have nothing different, after that he ask his staff whether any different on this 2 iPhone’s screen and his staff answer no (include the staff that previously say YES, sure all the staff say no cause their boss asking them if say YES later work sure kena and problem)

2)  Second problem of my phone is call audio problem, when im making call or receiving call sure will have 1 problem in 10 calls. The audio problem that I said is the other site cant hear my voice or they listen back their voice with strong echo. The staff (I think is customer service superior) ask me do I have upgrade the iOS, and I said just do the iOS upgrade in setting menu, than he ask me any DFE mode and I answer him no. Than he ask me pass the phone to him and he will FORMAT MY PHONE WITH DFE MODE, of course I’m not pass the phone to him because as I know 1st he is not an Apple authorized technician, 2nd the time I purchase the iPhone DiGi was told me that is 1 to 1 exchange and not any repairing. But why he want to FORMAT MY PHONE WITH DFE MODE? is he an authorized and well trained Apple technician? Than I also tell him I will not pass the phone to him for FORMAT, and I ask him why not 1 to 1 exchange and that is not software problem, than he told me with bad attitude said: Kalau you punya apple knowledge better daripada saya, saya tak dapat tolong awak apa apa.

How come a Digi staff treat this and talk this kind of thing to customer? I just want my phone working functionally as normal and my phone is for work purpose, if I lost my work is it DiGi will hire me? Is it customer wrong when the problem appear on phone and bring it to DiGi centre ask for replacement as previously DiGi has promise to customer?

Please feedback ASAP, my information as below:

Name                    :    Michael
Contact number    :    +6019 953xxxx

After this all I feel very regret to choose DiGi iPhone plan the service is very poor and the staff attitude totally bad.


[Updated- 9 April 2012]

We received a reply from DiGi’s spokesperson. The full reply as below:

“DiGi has since contacted Michael and we have arranged to meet him at Kuantan Retail Centre to inspect the phone.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and would like to thank Michael for his support. We look forward to welcoming him back to our store.”

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