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Qualcomm Establishes Integrated Circuit Design & Engineering R&D Centre in Singapore

One of the world’s most popular chipset maker, Qualcomm Incorporated recently announced plans to establish an Integrated Circuit (IC) Design and Engineering R&D centre in Singapore. The new Qualcomm R&D centre will manage certain strategic business planning and development, sourcing, procurement and distribution, as well as other marketing and administrative functions, from Singapore for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, the Company’s chipset division.

The new IC Design and Engineering R&D operations will focus on chipset design and development – including analog and power design; mixed signal design; digital design; mask layout design; and pre and post silicon verification.

It aims to tap into local Singapore and regional talent to develop a wide range of hardware and software-related design support solutions, as well as augment Qualcomm’s existing product test centre in Singapore.

Singapore has held a strategic importance to Qualcomm since 2000 when the company set up its chipset distribution centre in the country. In 2008, Qualcomm established its first test development centre outside of the United States, enabling Singapore to become Qualcomm’s development hub for the Asia Pacific region.

Qualcomm chipsets can be found in a number of mobile devices including in those made by Nokia, RIM’s BlackBerry, LG, Huawei, ZTE and more.

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    See if you can do a mind blowing stunt & bring leading edge Tegra (Nvidia) to set up a similar kind of setup in 1Malaysia ( err dapPenang ). The reward will be of a lifetime

  • skYView

    See if your good office can do a 1Malaysia magic & bring Nvidia (tegra) to our shores ( err…dapPenang ). This will effectively decapitate our so far helpless Trade Minister, Tourism Minister ( & what nots ) once & for all.

    real Malaysians will be truly proud while your reward will be of a lifetime