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TM Cable Theft Prevention Campaign

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has embarked on a Cable Theft Prevention campaign to mitigate the unscrupulous activities at the national level.

Among the objectives of the campaign include raising the awareness among the public at national level on the severity of cable theft incidents at this moment and to garner their support on the long standing ground activities. The campaign is also aimed at instilling sense of responsibility among the local communities to safeguard the telecommunication infrastructures in their respective areas.

As part of the campaign, TM has begun communicating the community service messages through print media, electronic media (TV & radio), outdoor and online media. To make the messages even stronger amongst the public, TM will be organising on-ground activities which include regular security patrolling activities via ‘Jom Ronda Kabel’ programme, installation of i-Watch (an Anti Theft Cable Detection & Escalation System) at high prone areas, reward programme for successful capture of culprit and ‘Ops Lusuh’ with enforcement bodies to conduct raids to the scrap metal operators.

For this campaign, TM is collaborating with PDRM, the local authorities, other telco and utilities providers as these are the key stakeholders in mitigating the cable theft issue.

The fixed line operator said that it has also implemented other initiatives to curb the incidents such as replacing copper cables with fibre optic cables or migrate the service in the areas to wireless, burying overhead cables or increasing the height of the overhead cable by another 3 feet, pole greasing to prevent climbing and increasing the protection of manhole for underground cables.

TM seeks the cooperation from all parties especially the  local community and members of the public in ensuring that the communication facilities provided are preserved and protected from any undesired incident such as cable theft, vandalism and any incident which results in interruption of telecommunication services. TM urges the public to lodge a report should they come across or witness a cable theft incident as it can disrupt the services provided. Should the public witness any suspicious activity, they should immediately report the incident by calling 999 so that appropriate actions could be taken by the authorities.

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