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Akamai: Malaysia Average Internet Speed Drops to 1.8Mbps

Malaysia’s average Internet speed now stands at 1.8Mbps and ranks in the 73rd place globally, Akamai reveals in its Fourth Quarter, 2011 State of the Internet(SOTI) report. The latest average Internet speed measured by Akamai is a slight drop(-4.3%) compared to 1.9Mbps(average speed) which was taken in Q3, 2011.

Akamai measured the broadband speeds in Malaysia using data collected from 1,915,888 unique IP address. Some 3.8% of these IP have speeds above 5Mbps while 22% was above 2Mbps. The Q4, 2011 Soti report shows that Malaysia has a peak Internet connect speed of 13.8Mbps or 7.5% faster compared to the previous quarter.

100 Fastest Cities Worldwide
In the fourth quarter of 2011, analysis of the top 100 fastest cities around the world, based on average connection speeds, reflected the following:

  • Cities in the Asia Pacific region continued to dominate the list of the 100 fastest cities worldwide. 69 cities including 61 in Japan, six in South Korea, one in Australia, as well as Hong Kong made the top 100.
  • 24 cities in North America ranked among the top 100, including two in Canada and 22 in the United States.
  • Seven cities in Europe, including three in Sweden, two in Switzerland and one each in Romania and Latvia were included in the top 100.

Mobile Connection Speeds and Data Consumption
In the fourth quarter of 2011, the average measured connection speed for known mobile providers worldwide ranged from a high of slightly more than 5 Mbps to a low of 163 kbps. Approximately 75 percent of the surveyed providers had average connection speeds above 1 Mbps.

Analysis of peak connection speeds for the mobile providers worldwide for which Akamai analyzed data showed that there is still a wide range of speeds being achieved. For example, a provider in Germany that had an average peak connection speed of 23.4 Mbps was the fastest while an operator in Thailand was the slowest, at 1.6 Mbps. Of all the mobile providers analyzed, only three – one in Germany, one in Austria and one in Canada – achieved average peak connection speeds above 20 Mbps, while 32 achieved average peak connection speeds above 10 Mbps and 48 recorded average peak connection speeds greater than 5 Mbps. Only two mobile providers surveyed did not achieve an average peak connection speed above 2 Mbps.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, users at eight of the surveyed mobile providers consumed an average of 1 GB or more per month delivered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Users at 75 of the surveyed providers consumed greater than 100 MB per month of content from Akamai, and users at the remaining 19 providers consumed less than 100 MB per month.

Check out the full Fourth Quarter(Q4), 2011 State of the Internet(SOTI) report below:

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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