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Maxis partners with Nine ISVs for Business Mobility Solutions

Maxis today announced its partnership with nine(9) Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) at the launch of its Business Mobility Solutions. The mobility solutions comprise customized products for enterprises to manage their costs and resources more effectively, increase productivity and improve their business processes through a wide range of mobile applications.

[Fitri Abdullah, Maxis’ Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise and Government Business (5th from right) and Sekar Shanmugam (6th from right), Maxis Head of Corporate Business launching Maxis’ Business Mobility Solutions with its nine Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)]

The nine ISVs are Asterisk Business Systems Sdn Bhd, Mason Technologies Sdn Bhd, V-Work Sdn Bhd, Compurex Corporation (M) Sdn, Bhd, Infindo Technology Sdn Bhd, Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd, EMI Solutions Sdn Bhd, Agile Matrix Solutions Sdn Bhd and I-Power Berhad.

Maxis Business Mobility Solutions includes Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Field Service Automation, Fleet Management, Mobile Device Management and Telemetry Services:

Mobile CRM
Mobile CRM is a system that allows businesses to manage their customers in various ways direct from their mobile devices. They will be able to access relevant information anytime and anywhere, which in turn will help improve efficiency and productivity.

Field Service Automation
This service enables remote workers to work with all the relevant information electronically rather than on paper. This cuts out the need for customers to constantly travel back and forth for information, hence saves time and money.

Fleet Management
This service includes vehicle tracking and navigational tools, as well as real-time dispatching and status of pickups and deliveries.

Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management gives businesses the ability to proactively administer and secure multiple devices. This service will help keep all personnel synchronised, while protecting important files.

Telemetry Services
Telemetry services consist of several measuring, monitoring and recording instruments that collect real time data. The information is then made available through mobile devices, allowing users to make fast decisions and take immediate actions, resulting in improved efficiency.

When asked about the partnership, Maxis told MalaysianWireless that the partnership offers mutual benefits with the ISVs but did not reveal how the revenue was shared. However Maxis indicated that the partnership is not exclusive.

As part of the deal, Maxis will provide the devices and communication platform while the ISVs will focus at developing custom business solution for the SME market.

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