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MyIX Peers with Content Providers such as Facebook

MyIX – also known as ‘Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia’, today announces the extension of the Exchange’s existing peering network for easy connectivity with leading content providers.

According to MyIX Chairman Chiew Kok Hin, MyIX’s decision to extend the Exchange’s reach is to benefit MyIX members who now can have direct connectivity with some of the leading content providers.

“With this extension our members can have direct connectivity with the world’s leading social media provider and the world’s largest online store,” says Chiew.

He explains that with direct connectivity to these global content providers, MyIX members will have an option to lower their operational costs by bypassing longer and more expensive Internet data traffic routes.

“This extension will allow our member to improve the user experience of their Internet service, thanks to the direct peering with these global content providers via the national Exchange.”

Currently MyIX has 49 members consisting of local ISP and content providers, who leverage the national Internet exchange as ply route for their domestic Internet data.

“With the link extension of MyIX, we expect more members to sign up over the next 12 months as more of them will be able to appreciate the significant cost and performance advantage that the national Exchange provides to their Internet business,” says Chiew.

The organization revealed to MalaysianWireless that it currently peers with Facebook among other content providers. However for the sake of “security reasons” it refused to reveal the list of the peered content providers.

MyIX’s infrastructure consists of 8 Internet Exchange nodes of which 5 were recently added in Bayan Baru, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. These add on to the original MyIX nodes located in the Klang Valley at Menara Aik Hua (AIMS), Technology Park of Malaysia (JARING), and CSF 1 (Telekom Malaysia, Cyberjaya). MyIX models after Amsterdam Internet Exchange and London Internet Exchange to keep local Internet traffic within the country.

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