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[Apps] TaxiMonger- Book for a Taxi on your Smartphone in Malaysia

Launched in February 2012, TaxiMonger is a mobile application that allows a user to book for cab/taxi in Malaysia.

Its easy to to use TaxiMonger and call for a Taxi. To book for a Taxi, customers must 1st sign to their TaxiMonger app(data service required). They must then select their destination, current location, type of taxi, set time & number of passengers. The request will then be broadcasted to participating Taxi drivers in Malaysia within minutes for them to accept the booking. Users then get to choose the Taxi(plate numbers) that they want to confirm the booking. The app allows taxi booking for current time or for the  future.

According to the report on TheStar, each booking will cost RM3 for a budget taxi and RM6 for an executive taxi, which will be deducted from the passengers’ TaxiMonger credit balance. These credit can be purchased online at its website using credit or debit cards. As for the Taxi fares, it can be paid directly to the Taxi driver.

The report also claims that there are currently about fifty taxi drivers participating in the trial run for now.

TaxiMonger claims that the service is also available in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos.

TaxiMonger is currently available on Android 2.2 & above and will soon be available on iOS(iPhone/iPad) as well.

[Download]– Taxi Monger Android app

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