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Telekom Malaysia to fully adopt IPV6 within 2-3 years

Telekom Malaysia(TM) is preparing itself for the adoption of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in view of the imminent global depletion of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) Internet addresses, to ensure that its customers’ experience are not compromised.

In a statement, TM said that the move is in line with global trends and mirrors the Ministry of Information Communication and Culture’s direction for the Malaysian ICT industry. The Company is among the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Malaysia to have implemented its network transition towards an IPv6-ready platform. TM has embarked on this IPv6 journey since 2007 and has been IPv6 compliant since 2008.

According to TM, the company is already meeting early demands for IPv6 networking from key Government agencies and enterprises subscribing to Direct – TM’s premium direct broadband connectivity service over Metro Ethernet (Metro-e).

In this next phase, TM is also revving up efforts to prepare its mass customers for IPv6 adoption in the medium term time frame of 2-3 years. TM will be embarking on various network upgrading and transformation exercises to the new protocol soon. This nationwide migration exercise will be implemented in stages according to zones beginning mid May 2012. TM assures its customers that the company has planned the migration according to the industry best standard and practices, so those with normal Internet usage will continue to enjoy Internet experience with minimal interruption.

Early this year, Packet One Networks(P1) said that they will be IPV6 ready by end this year.

The exhaustion of IPv4 is a global trend happening around the world and in fact, Asia Pacific is the first region to have exhausted its quota of addresses, due to the great Internet penetration push in this region.

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