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[Opinion] Yes Eclipse is NOT the World’s “Smartest” 4G Phone

I am writing this to explain why I disagree that Yes4G’s Eclipse is the world’s smartest 4G phone, in fact it does not even qualify as a 3G phone or come with any “smart features”.

Before I move on into details and the “virtual review”, below is why you should buy a Yes Eclipse(according to Yes-above image) and my answers(in red):

  • You like doing a whole lot more on your mobile phone. (What do you mean by a lot MORE? Most Android phones are capable of running the same apps. Any other special features?)
  • You like streaming movies, videos and music without buffering and interruptions. (Even 3G(HSPA) or WiFi network can do that on ANY Android phone, or iPad, or iPhone or BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7)
  • You like group chats. Enjoy making 4 way video calls or 6 way audio calls. (How many people out there wants a 4-way video calling on a small screen and how many people out there who makes 6-ways conference call anyway? This feature seems catered to business users but then more corporate users use Blackberry, iPad/iPhone. For BlackBerry, there is an app called Mobile Conferencing app which allow calls up to 10 profiles.)
  • You want to share your Internet connection with friends and family. (This is a feature of Android 2.2 and can be found in a number of devices below the RM1k range.)
  • You like non-stop entertainment. Enjoy thousands of apps with Google Play. (Another Android feature, you don’t have to buy Eclipse just to use this.)

Now I understand everything sounds bad here but seriously, the Yes Eclipse has an expensive price tag of RM1688. It has lots of lacking feature when compared to other Android phones such as HTC, Samsung and even CSL in the same price range.

World’s Smartest 4G Phone, seriously?

In my opinion, Yes Eclipse does not qualify as the “world smartest 4G phone” because it has:

  • No 3G- It does not qualify as a 3G phone because the Yes Eclipse is not 3G enabled. However the Snapdragon chipset found in the Yes Eclipse is built for 3G network but then it has been intentionally turned off. How come the smartest 4G phone in the world supports 2G network but not 3G?..Smart Decision. (Note: Apparently the phone has 3G but the Yes website does not indicate it)
  • No Smart Feature- What makes Yes Eclipse an intelligent phone? Nothing! The Yes Eclipse qualifies as a smartphone only because it runs an old-version of Android. Talking about “smart” have you seen the Samsung Galaxy S3..:) ?
  • Slow processor- The “world smartest 4G phone” in the world runs an old 1Ghz Snapdragon processor? Even a RM600 CSL smartphone has it.
  • 512MB RAM/2GBROM-  The lower priced HTC 3G devices have more memory.

In fact, without 3G it won’t even qualify as “Malaysia Smartest 4G phone”, of course that is if I am the judge.

What the World’s Smartest 4G Phone should look alike?

A few days ago, I was thinking about how to write this article and which smartphone should I compare to the Yes Eclipse. The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone launch was just in time yesterday.

Look at the Samsung Galaxy S3, it has 6-sensors for Smart Alert, Direct Dial & Smart Stay among a few more “Smart” features. I’m comparing Yes Eclipse to the Galaxy S3 because the S3 also comes with a 4G LTE version. Other smart features on the S3 include Wireless charging, S Voice, Wi-Fi Channel Bonding, among many other high end and latest features.

Talking about smart, I can also say that the iPhone 4S is smart because users can communicate and command it via Siri. What is smart about Yes Eclipse?

Placing both smartphones side by side to Eclipse makes the Yes Eclipse look really bad and not to forget that Samsung haven’t branded the S3 as the “World’s Smartest 4G smartphone” yet. And even if they do, I would agree…:)

From a pricing perspective, the iPhone 4S do cost some RM500 more(cheaper with contract) compared to the Yes Eclipse and maybe a RM1k difference with the S3 but my point here is what is “smart” about the Yes Eclipse? Unfortunately, just because the Yes Eclipse supports WiMAX which is not even technically 4G, it does not justify the price of the phone.

In my opinion, the Yes Eclipse at RM1688 should have come with at least Android 3.0,  more memory, better screen, faster processor or dual core and it must have some sort of smart features to be branded as the “World’s Smartest 4G Phone”.

I reported in 2010 that Yes was working on an Android device but the result(Yes Eclipse) two years later is extremely disappointing. But what makes me more disappointed with YTL is that they failed to partner and support the local mobile industry in Malaysia. I strongly believe local mobile phone makers such as CSL, XiMAX or DMD Mobile would have been more than happy to work on the Yes Eclipse, possibly better specification and cheaper price. Of course I do hope that these possible partnership will not have the same faith as myPrize.

As for the Yes Eclipse Postpaid Bundle plan,  in summary, it is also disappointing but I will leave it for another day.

For those who use Yes4G, for its less users, high speed WiMAX network, I recommend using the MiFi device(Huddle) and a combination of the Yes Life(buggy app) on your high end, much cheaper with more value Android/iOS device.

P.s: I wouldn’t have written this comment at first place if Yes did not brand it as the world’s smartest 4G phone. Sadly, companies could market anything in anyway they want because consumers does not have the power to change things or make things right in this country. Peace.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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