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Celcom offers the new iPad from as low as RM1329

Celcom Axiata Berhad is offering the new iPad starting today from as low as RM1329 with a 24-months contract.

[En. Afizulazha Abdullah, Chief Operations, Advanced Data of Celcom Axiata Berhad (centre) unveils the new tablet and packages together with the first three customers, (from 2nd from left) Ng Kok Leong, Norhasrina Saderi, and Rizuan Abdul Razak]

In conjunction with the unveiling, Celcom is introducing two plans customised for the new tablet – Celcom Broadband iPad Basic at RM70/month and Celcom Broadband iPad Advance at RM100/month – with speeds of up to 3.6Mbps and 7.2Mbps and quotas of 4.5Gb and 7Gb respectively.

Customers can also enjoy savings of up to RM570 off the recommended retail price of the device with the Celcom Broadband iPad Advance plan, with other attractive savings depending on the choice of plan, term of commitment, and iPad model. Credit options are also available along with Easy Payment Plans from five major banks.

Details of the Celcom-iPad plans below(hit the image for a larger view):

To purchase the new iPad(16BGB) from Celcom at RM1329, customers will have to sign up a 24-months contract and the Broadband iPad Advance data plan at RM100/month. The same iPad cost RM1529 with the same plan and a 12-months contract. For the cheaper Broadband iPad Basic data plan at RM70/month, the 16GB iPad cost RM1429 with a 24-months contract or RM1629 with a 12-months contract.

At the launch event today, Afizulazha Bin Abdullah, Chief Operations, Advanced Data of Celcom Axiata Berhad said, “Celcom’s new data packages allow users to maximise their tablet experiences. The plans have been designed to allow our customers to take full advantage of what the new tablet can offer, while giving them the ability to choose their package depending on their data usage and what they use their tablets for. They are also meant to perfectly complement the latest tablets with Celcom’s exceptional nationwide coverage and give tablet users the full advantages of seeing their devices come alive in Celcom Territory.”

The new tablet, including the Celcom Broadband iPad Basic and Celcom Broadband iPad Advance plans and product bundles will be available at Celcom retail outlets including bluecube stores nationwide from June 22.

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