Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Maxis Home Wireless Internet from RM59/month for 4GB data

Maxis introduced its Home Wireless Internet service late last year. Today it revamped the plans by doubling the data quotas. Maxis Home Wireless Internet service starts from RM59 a month for a 4GB data quota.

Not to be confused with Maxis Wireless Broadband service, the Home Wireless Internet service is priced slightly cheaper but it comes with “time slot” for data usage. This wireless broadband plan is targeted at users who use broadband at late night(early morning), especially between 2am-8am.

Details of the Maxis Home Wireless Internet plans below:

The 2GB quota has now been upgraded to 4GB where users are allowed to use 3GB during 2am-8am and 1GB during 8am-2am. This plan comes with 100 minutes of voice call and cost RM58/month.

For the 10GB plan, the data quota has been upgraded to 20GB with 15GB allowed during 2am-8am. This plan comes with 200 minutes of voice calls and cost RM99 a month.

The final plan is 24GB and has been upgraded to a 48GB data quota. This plan gives users at least 36GB of data between 2am-8am. It comes with 300 minutes of voice and cost RM169 a month.

All plans has a 12-month contract. It comes with a free cordless DECT phone and wireless modem. Customers will be throttled to slower speed once they hit the data quota however these is an option to purchase add-on data.

More details hit the link below.

[Source]-Maxis Home Wireless Internet

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