Sunday, June 11, 2023

Telekom Malaysia implements Inteliquent EtherCloud solution

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) today announced its strategic alliance with Inteliquent, a provider of global interconnection and interoperability solutions for the implementation of Inteliquent’s EtherCloud solution for TM.

Under the collaboration, TM will use Inteliquent’s EtherCloud solution to extend its Global Ethernet reach by leveraging on Inteliquent’s over 120 points of presence (PoP) worldwide, therefore significantly increasing the availability of TM’s Layer 2 Ethernet services to locations currently off-net; particularly in Europe and North America. Likewise, Inteliquent will leverage TM’s coverage to fulfill growing demand for Ethernet in Malaysia and Asia Pacific.  As a result, the agreement will expand both companies’ Ethernet services to high demand markets.

TM Global Ethernet services range from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and come with four different classes of service backed by service level agreements. This collaboration fulfills carriers’ demand based on Carrier-Class Ethernet technology. In a statement, TM said that by leveraging each other’s resources and presence all over the globe, TM is better able to meet customer expectation. In addition, this initiative is hoped to provide innovative platforms to bring global technology closer to the local customers. Furthermore, the move will strengthen TM’s vision to become Malaysia’s leading new generation communications provider.

“As a leading communications provider in Malaysia, TM continues to explore more ways to fulfill our clients’ increasingly sophisticated requirements by venturing into strategic collaborations with esteemed partners. Through this alliance, not only are we able to serve nationally, but we are also embarking our Ethernet presence globally to further offer comprehensive solutions to Inteliquent and its respective clients,” said Rozaimy Abd Rahman, Executive Vice President, Global, TM.

Surendra Saboo, President and Chief Operating Officer of Inteliquent commented: “Inteliquent’s extensive network reach is complemented by the network reach of each of our EtherCloudTM partners. We’re pleased to add TM’s extensive network presence to expand our coverage and better serve the needs of our customers. TM is an esteemed and well respected carrier that continues to introduce innovative services and we are excited to be a part of its latest product enhancement.”

A Layer 2 platform, EtherCloud connects diverse partner networks into a seamless Ethernet cloud that delivers end-to-end connectivity around the world. It relies on a global MPLS backbone as a distributed switched network of 120 PoPs to interconnect partners’ networks through standardized E-NNIs. By interconnecting partner networks to create one holistic Ethernet cloud, EtherCloudTM enables users to both source and sell Ethernet Point-to-Point, Point-to-multipoint and Any-to-Any (VPLS), allowing them to create high performance connectivity solutions for all Global Ethernet WAN requirements. EtherCloud provides a one-stop-shop to connect anywhere in the world.

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