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EPI Life mobile device help detect Heart problems

Heartronics Sdn Bhd (Heartronics), in partnership with Maxis Berhad (Maxis), and Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) have officially launched EPI Life – the world’s first Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring device that incorporates ECG capabilities onto a mobile phone.

EPI Life was designed and developed by EPI Mobile Health Solutions (S) Pte Ltd (EPI) to provide an essential link between the patient and the medical professional, and allow early detection of potential heart problems.

Once the user signs up for the EPI Life ECG service, they will automatically be connected to a 24-hour Health Concierge Centre dedicated to them. As and when necessary, the user takes an ECG using the built in sensors on the mobile phone and sends the ECG file to the Centre through GPRS. The data is then interpreted by medically trained professionals at the Centre, and the response is sent back via SMS to the user within a few minutes. EPI Life users will be prompted to seek medical advice if abnormalities are detected.
For irregularities in the ECG to be captured, the ECG must be taken when symptoms (dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, palpitations or chest pains) are present.

As the exclusive telco partner, Maxis will be providing customised service plans for the device, with ECG rates from as low as RM13. The device is retailed at RM2,299 each, which will be available at selected Maxis Centres including KLCC, TTDI, Sunway Pyramid and The Gardens. Maxis One Club (MOC) members will be able to enjoy a RM600 discount if they sign up by the end of September, and a RM300 discount thereafter.

Conceptualized and invented by an internationally renowned cardiologist, Prof Dr Michael C.L. Lim, EPI Life is currently being used by heart patients in Singapore and other countries worldwide.

Speaking on his invention of the device, Prof Dr Lim said, “EPI Life is designed and developed for the convenience and safety of not just heart patients, but also those who belong to the “at-risk” group, and others who want to better manage their health. It makes it extremely practical for them to record their ECGs whenever and wherever they feel any discomfort or symptoms that may indicate the onset of a heart condition. Users are able to access the ECGs online through their personal virtual health folder anytime, anywhere; or show their recorded ECGs to their doctors on the device itself.”

Prof Lim added that because the chip used in the device is the same as that used in standard ECG machines, ECGs recorded with the EPI Life shows 98% correlation with the standard 12-Lead ECG, based on the clinical study conducted and published in the European Heart Journal.

EPI Life also allow users to track blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels as well as offer mobile phone functionalities.

For more information about Heartronics and EPI Life, log on to www.heartronics.com.my.

Certified by SIRIM (Malaysia) and HSA (Health Science Authority, Singapore), EPI Life has also won several accolades such as the World Summit Award in 2011 and two awards in the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award in 2010.

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