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Make more calls with Maxis TalkMore 48 Postpaid Plan

Maxis recently started offering the TalkMore 48 postpaid plan, ideal for conventional talkers or texters who seek to get the best rate for these 2 usages.

Details of the TalkMore 48 postpaid plan below:

  • Monthly Fee- RM48
  • Bundled Voice Calls- 400 minutes (domestic calls to all network)
  • Bundled SMS- 200 SMS (domestic SMS to all network)
  • Subsequent Charge at:10sen/min or 10sen/SMS to Maxis number and 15sen/min or 15sen/SMS to other operator
  • When Bill reaches RM110- 5sen/min (All Maxis-to-maxis calls only), 5sen/SMS (All Maxis-to-maxis SMS only)

For customers who want to add on the Supplementary plans, Maxis offers the Value Plus Family 30 (non-mirror plan) or the Value Plus Internet Supplementary 30. Maxis is giving 15 hours of talk time and 1500 SMS between family lines for free as part of the TalkMore 48 postpaid plan.

Customers who want to use Internet can subscribe to Maxis Monthly Mobile Internet Plan Pass via *100#.

Credit limit is set to RM150 while an advance payment of RM50 applies at point of registration. Interested customers can register for the Maxis TalkMore 48 postpaid plan at all Maxis Centers and appointed dealers.

[Source]– Maxis

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